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Media showing unequivocal cover up of news projecting interests

Media is the key for being aware of the current affairs. But i fear media now a days not all in common show a biased interest on matters that attract a lot of people rather than issues truly of national interest. The market of media is wide open public who are directly being covered by the issues that are focused by them. I feel that this state of media bias-ism has led people into wrong caves making no matter aware for more than atomic days as new issues spring up and the old one is left up in the stake.
Considering an example of latest IPL issues that raised in the country, i found all news channels pondering over the betting and spot fixing allegations on a crucial scale. Media exposure is key in bringing out many issues as they are directly viewed by public. The same day saw the assassination of army men at border and that was little or least focused. Does sporting issues more dwelling than national security personals? answers remain dumb.
We trust in media and appreciate the role of journalism and media in unraveling the social insecurities and miseries. But this slight factor disturbs me as to question as media sometimes slip form their due course to sensational news. This must not be duly stopped as no news is dawn and put out in a day. Educate people to make them realize their own responsibilities so that they are becoming a socially responsible subjects. No media should leave any issues once the heat is off. The newscast must be taken every routine days to check out with the length of the case resolved and told to public to measure the agility of the judiciary towards crime so that no news is left behind.

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    Jun 13 2013: A great fix for this, in my humble opinion, is research. We may need to analyze more than what media outlets produce. If we want a functional society each individual within it must put forth some effort.

    It is not enough to focus on news broadcasts and newspaper articles. The internet offers a substantial amount of accurate information on a wide range of subjects.

    The main concern is our perception that the media has some sort of obligation to educate us. It is the responsibility of individuals to educate themselves. If we acknowledge the media is not producing accurate information we should take the steps necessary to obtain accurate data. Anything less will continue to result in confusion and opinions based on inaccurate information.

    Sensational news continues to be the focus of major media outlets because people choose to watch it. If ratings declined the media outlets would be forced to adjust their broadcasting. This brings me to my final point. If we want media coverage to showcase important issues we must, as a society, become more interested in the real issues that impact our lives. Until then we will continue to see media coverage that focuses on entertainment.

    Media outlets do exist that produce informative material. CSPAN broadcasts daily insights into legislative processes in the United States. It is a matter of what you choose to analyze.
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    Jun 16 2013: Baap bara na bhaiyya, the whole thing is that ki bhaiyya sabse bada ruppia
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      Jun 16 2013: We say here: Money talks

      Nice video for song by the way from Bluff Master movie.

      I am always learning new things from TEDsters.
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    Jun 16 2013: Media Guru-mantra

    More Number of eye balls = More Profit
  • Jun 15 2013: In America television news's value is related to market share which in cases turn it into entertainment.
  • Jun 14 2013: Every media outlet is a product that is desperately seeking a customer (you) and desperately seeking sponsors.

    IMO, expecting media to be unbiased is not realistic.

    I have been told that the only way to obtain a decent understanding of current affairs today is through blogs. Personally, I have given up and have nearly become a hermit. ( I am not recommending this approach to others, especially not to young people.)