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Do you want a united Europe?

Dear Europeans,

I want to take the opportunity to ask the question, all our politicians should have asked. Do you want Europe? I mean not as a union of many sovereign states! Instead I mean a united Europe. Many people are talking about it. The media sometimes use it to scare, sometimes to inpire people. Is the dream of Europe, that is dreamed by many politicians really the dream of the people? I personally think a Europe build by the people is the only way to restore our reputation and our future. In my opinion, we should start a national assembly right away and build something the world hasn't seen before. It maybe take us 10 years, but sooner or later we have to start if we don't want our future shattered by old politicians who are obsessed with their power. What do you think?


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  • Jun 17 2013: 10 years might just be start itself.
    Uniting states to EU is the easy bit. Uniting nations into United Europe is the hard bit.
    The flags, the anthems and anything that lowers the chance of englishman to feel home in Ireland and a romanian in France is in the way.
    The way forward is through encouraging people to move out of their own pool, create mixed families and set roots. This will take generations and the process has started and its well on the way.
    We can all help this by including people from other states to our lives and supporting young mixed nationality families as much as we can.

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