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Can AI help in solving the problem it's creating?

Watson, Asimo and their robot pals are creating a society with new problems in terms of labour, income, inequality etc - can't their computing qualities be programmed to help find some novel solutions?


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    Jun 15 2013: Creating more New problems - that is what our mass production of essentually mindless technological toys is doing right now. I just love your comment!

    Those who create problems for profit are not interested in solving them. I believe these upcoming tech problems, that are retarding our mentality, and sense of reality, can be prevented. We better start right now, before it's toooo late. Whether we deal with industries, education, ethics or everyday mode of life The deadly outdated Golden Rule needs to be changed: Never treat others as you would like to be treated yourself - unless they agree to it first -because what is good for you may be damaging for others.

    Just in order to survive, the good thinking people have a ton of work to do - firstly, every one of us has to understand that our exicting technology only indicates how mindlessly needy and immensely lost our undeveloped bodies and minds are. Technology is unable to fix these things, it is about crotch walking without really knowing "where". Great Werner Heisenberg has been saying that it is a true madness to explore techological innovation for creating mass production - we have no clue of what we are doing - Nature will make us pay sooner or later.

    Who trusts technology, dreams, who learns to sense and wisely interact with the nature's given world, awakes.
    I'm trying to build a unique futuristic town to nurture new mentality. I want to build this place for practicing alternative ethical, economic, and educational concepts and solutions based on precious old and new wisdom, innovative ideas and advanced research. This futuristic town is designed to peacefully co-exist with natural environment, and Serve individuals, not a non-existing prototype. Sustainable systems means flexible systems are to support highly diverse interests and micro-economy, and inspire denizens to be as thoughtfully creative as they can be.. Vera Nova

    “Come friends, it's not too late to seek a newer world.”
    ― Alfred
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      Jun 18 2013: Good luck with your project - I hope you're familiar with Permaculture - you might want to look it up and perhaps have a permaculture designer look at your plans
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        Jun 19 2013: Hello Douglas.I really am greatful for your emcouragement. Contact us at info@novatownsite.org if you have somethng in mind. www.novatownsite.org Ask any questions.
        Will be glad to hear from you.

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