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What do you want from the news?

What do you want from the news each day? Do you get it? How does the news impact you each day? How does it make you feel?

Is the news positively impacting your life? Why or why not?

Answers that explain in personal narrative how the news impacts you are greatly welcomed!


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    May 8 2011: Having engaged in your TED discussion on who we trust in the news, and having seen your TED Talk on the news about the news..I am beginning to question what I even mean when I refer to "news". I know that I want a more balanced picture of important global events and I know that right now it's very hard work to piece that together. It takes a great deal of personal commitment and energy to really understand both sides of a global event where the views of other nation are important for us to understand..where failing to understand them has ramifications for our lives and our future.In one of many Ted Conversations this past week arising from the news of Bin Laden's death , a TED member in India shared the headlines of a major Calcutta daily for each of several days. That story was not told here or in any western news and we need to understand and think through what we really think as global citizens about the Pakistani take on all this.The same with Egypt's revolution.No one in what we consider main stream news is telling the unfolding Egyptian story and its posisble implications for te US, for peace in the middle east, for the termination of the Camp David Accord long hoped for by the Egyptian majority..Few in the U.S., evenamong the educated and informed here at TED Conversations, seem aware that to the majority of Egyptian anti Mubarak and anti-US sentiments are one in the same.We can't do without whatever the news used to be( was it ever really that?). A healthy, independent vibrant fourth estate is indispensable to freedom throughout the world. And to me in our modernal global wolrd that means the fourth estate has to provide balanced and acurate reporting on all event s of global significance.
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      May 9 2011: GREAT COMMENT! You really put your finger on it.
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        May 11 2011: So Meher how do we revive the fourth estate? How do we help get themessage out, as I believe Alisa has tried to do here at TED that the fourth estate is in terrible trouble. I truly blieve withou tthe fourth estate..without a free press reporting both side on global as well as important local news we can't have a vibrant healthy democracy. Do we need to become citizen journalists not in the haphazard opinoins are more fun than facts world of most blogs but writing as journalists..in the trdaution of journalism..? Are you personally willing to do that on your own life..not to cover everything of cures but to write responsinly about events you know in your heart we are not gettimng the whole story or the right story on? What about setting up a blog of "citizen" journalists..would you be one? Would you help organaize and run such a thing?..
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          Jul 1 2011: Lindsay, i suggest you take a look on the Taste Series Conversations on TED. I've been engaged on one about Iran and it was very interesting.

          And we are really doomed by west's journalistic view (and it's sooo hard for us to go searching for enlightenment on different countries news.

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