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What do you want from the news?

What do you want from the news each day? Do you get it? How does the news impact you each day? How does it make you feel?

Is the news positively impacting your life? Why or why not?

Answers that explain in personal narrative how the news impacts you are greatly welcomed!


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    Apr 20 2011: I want the unbiased truth.

    Media pros are taught to give priority to the voices of authority over any other wittness. I have seen firsthand how they even fail to tell the truth when they themselves have not only seen it but filmed it; instead they let the police commissioners lies tell the story. The people are not heard, even in democratic nations like Australia.

    Media often make a point of giving both sides to story, but they dont tell us when the number of "experts" of a given opinion are rediculously outnumbered by experts against it. Thus, the arguement is weighted in favour of what is probably wrong.

    The choice of which stories to air/print/etc. and how much prominence is and always has been weighted in favour of people like "us". A story about 1 white westerner, is given prominence over 1000 or more black foriegners.

    If we look at the news and take it as reality we would assume that young people attack old people frequently and rarely does any youngster get hurt by any but another youngster. This is so far from reality and it serves no-one but the media (it sells), for example, 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics) usually by an adult family member.

    The media have a lot to answer for. I would like to see more journos and editors with a concience.

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