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What do you want from the news?

What do you want from the news each day? Do you get it? How does the news impact you each day? How does it make you feel?

Is the news positively impacting your life? Why or why not?

Answers that explain in personal narrative how the news impacts you are greatly welcomed!


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    Apr 10 2011: I would prefer less "zooming in" from national news outlets.
    (e.g. single homicide) because that kind of news creates a distorted perception of reality.

    But I actually turned my back to "news" in the traditional TV/magazine way.
    I pick community-oriented news outlets & specific organisations.
    I bundle them up and use Twitter to provide me the links to their news!

    Ow and, after watching
    it begs the question: Is it even worth it to watch global news?
    Almost all the topics preferred by the speaker to become "Long Stories" are not shown on TV and such.

    To back up my point on "distorted perception"

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