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What do you want from the news?

What do you want from the news each day? Do you get it? How does the news impact you each day? How does it make you feel?

Is the news positively impacting your life? Why or why not?

Answers that explain in personal narrative how the news impacts you are greatly welcomed!


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    Apr 8 2011: Much more positivity, less politics, more of the people, advances in society/technology/science, etc. Most importantly, enough of the same stuff over and over again like the wars, terrorists, and what not. Firstly because most of it is just propaganda, and secondly because it is very psychologically dangerous and abusive to keep feeding it to society. It affects us all very badly. When's the last time you heard something very positive on CNN? lol

    What I like about the news is its great capabilities and it has lots of positive effects if put to good use. What I don't like is that it isn't being put to good use...
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      Apr 9 2011: Yes, we live in the most exciting time ever. Let's share good things, what can we acomplish as a society, as humans. There are amazing things going on, lets make them headlines.
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        Apr 9 2011: Absolutely. When you turn on the news nowadays, you get the impression that there is nothing good going on in the world. There's nothing worth living for anymore. I've seen how people get affected by this cycle. It ain't a pretty picture.

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