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In TED do we really give "thumbs up" when it is "argued well"? Or do we give "Thumbs up" when "we agree with it"?

I say this, because many people often argue their points very well. Even if I don't necessarily agree with them. How reliable is the "Thumb up" system?


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  • Jun 13 2013: Look there are multiple reasons
    I messed up and I now understand
    I didn't think of that
    I don't want to look like a jerk
    You deserve encouragement.
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      Jun 13 2013: All of the above
      We've replied back and forth for some time, we've agreed and now it's just pleasantries
      We've argued back and forth for some time and we will not come to a consensus, so agree to disagree
      Thank you for the compliment
      You gave me a new perspective
      You are completely wrong but in a pleasantly naive way, keep dreaming
      I sympathize
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      Jun 13 2013: Don't you find it rather worrying that we judge opinions how much they reflect ours? That we don't judge them on how well their argued.
      • Jun 14 2013: Bernard I do learn from the comments. people do tend to like people like themselves. But those of us who are ecentric get a thumbs up from Gandhi in his autobiograqhy. Keep the fraith

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