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how to invest in yourself?

recently, i read an article about a CEO delivering a commence speech.

here is his point: if you make less than US$2000 dollars a month. you should use it to socialize with your friends and invest in yourself instead. 'investing in yourself,' instead of reading, attending classes in community colleges, what could i do to invest in myself???

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    Jun 12 2013: Invest in new abilities:

    There are students that learn by reading

    There are students that learn by observing

    There are students that only learn by peeing on the electric fence.

    Invest in the ability to learn through the first 2 methods, learn how to focus, be in the present, learn good manners not the please and thank you type but the charm school type (if you need example of this read my posts), learn about ethics, find out how to find out, find out what your basic purpose is, find out what your goals are, find out how to be interested, find out how not to interesting, learn about staying healthy, learn how to look, learn how to be your own adviser, learn logic (not math), learn how to really work hard, learn about economics, learn about finance, ok do all that stuff and get back to me for some more.
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      Jun 12 2013: Great advice Pat!
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        Jun 12 2013: don't pee on the electric fence? Don't ask me how I know that...
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          Jun 12 2013: hehe, I won't ask!!

          To live a successful and happy life one needs to assess and advise himself continuously. Be 'all-rounder' and hope for best :)
    • Jun 13 2013: I won't ask Pat but I'll bet you learned a lasting lesson. LOL
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    Jun 12 2013: What are your favorite ways of learning? Experience, observation, habits of reflection, and trying to do things or make things work, are good ways of investing in yourself. So are taking care of your health and engaging about ideas with others.
  • Jun 13 2013: Investing in yourself is, in my opinion, taking time for self-reflection.
    When you were a kid, did people ask you what you were going to be when you grew up?
    Ask yourself that same question now.
    You are who you were, and who you're going to be. Invest in being that person, and like LaMar says, it doesn't have to cost a cent.

    TED is a great place to start!!
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    Jun 12 2013: Thru self reflection to "know thyself". It does not cost anything except the "opportunity cost".
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    Jun 16 2013: .
    I invest in myself by improving my sensibility to invalid (harmful) happiness,
    the root of all evil.
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    Jun 13 2013: one way is to be aware of interesting events going on in your community. Our daily newspaper has a daily calendar of events going on in our city, and I look at it frequently and go to interesting events. We also have a community college, a junior college, in our city, and I sometimes go to lectures there that are open to the public, even though I'm not a student. In fact, I am on the college's mailing list so I get a monthly list of events. For example, I recently went to a lecture there by James Ellroy, a famous author. I also went to a solar fair there, and was able to learn a lot about solar by walking around to the different booths and asking questions. The solar fair was held on the campus, but was not a college event.
  • Jun 13 2013: I have worked over twenty years at school.And I make less than 2000$ per month.It is okay for my basic living.But everytime I think of my daughter's future education.I do worry so much.It is only anxious me to enjoy my teaching job.So I try to motivate my daughter's study.I hope she can do better to earn scholarship at school.
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      Jun 13 2013: ed, do you do anything to further your own education? Perhaps you can be a role model for your daughter, if she sees that you care about learning and continue learning, she will want to learn, too.

      Also, do you engage her in intellectual discussions about ideas, this would be good for her and stimulate her mind.
      • Jun 14 2013: Lol,Thanks Dear greg dahlen.I do keep on learning,studying.It isn't just to be a what role model for my daughter but for myself as well.I think being a teacher ,there isn't any choice to stop learning as long as you want to teach children at school.
        My daughter likes learning too.She is just a kid,I like to see her growing slowly everyday.The more I experience the more I found:being a mother is really a great thing in this world to do,it is so significant and meanwhile I feel it can help a woman growing so much:although do worry but so much fun and happiness:).It deserves anything else in this world to embrance...
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          Jun 14 2013: thanks, e, what do you learn about, or study?

          When kids like to learn, how do we encourage that, promote it? I would say one way is with conversation, talking to them, would you agree? What other ways?
      • Jun 17 2013: Hi Dear greg dahlen:).now I am interested in cooking,so I try to ask people around what dishes they are good at?then I come back home to have a try:lots of fun:cook fishes,cook beef,soup...yummy.
        I like studying too,I keep on studying at university,I got education master degree and keep on learning programming,because I teach kids Information Tech...i majored in IT education major in bachelor degree...
        I learned english myself ten years ago,now I can read english information freely,but spoken english still in hard work to improve:)If you could help me I would be happy in the sky:)
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          Jun 17 2013: Thanks, e. Cooking is good, perhaps you involve your daughter in your cooking, this would be a good chance to teach her, and to converse with her.

          Why would you want to improve your spoken English, what use is there for it in China? Are you saying I could help you improve your spoken English, how?
      • Jun 17 2013: Yes,Dear greg dahlen,that's really a good idea to have fun together with my daughter.She can cook breakfast:milk and eggs,zongzi....noodles and eggs...and she can cook tomatos fry eggs...

        Because I like english language,as well as it's culture.It is quite different from chinese:letters,words,expression,writing...simple and flexible.I found myself starting to think in english a bit,I like myself to have both thoughts and thinking...isn't it enough?And for a language?I think spoken well is the most important among reading,writing...
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          Jun 18 2013: Yes, cooking skills are good for anybody to have, and also learning about cooking and food can lead to other kinds of learning, such as learning about agriculture, marketing, and other subjects. How do you use milk and eggs when you cook breakfast? What is zongzi?

          So you taught yourself English? How did you do it? Well, I'm glad we get to talk to you on TED, would we be able to if you didn't speak English? But is it a lot of work to learn, if it's a lot of work I hope you are getting some rewards for it, or maybe just talking on TED is enough reward? Yes, I guess spoken language is the most important.
      • Jun 18 2013: Lol,hi Dear greg dahlen,we cook eggs with water or fry eggs 'HeBaoDan'(it is in chinese).ZongZi is one of very traditional chinese snack for important festival.But now people's life has improved a lot,so we can have ZongZi for breakfast everyday :).
        Yes,I learn english by myself:of course lots of friends help me a lot to keep it.That's really true,talking in TED is one of big rewards for my english learning,it helps me to get chance to talk with all TED friends,and I learn a lot from all of you:).
        I like to make friends who love life,who try to understand life positively,who come down to the earth to make a meaningful life,because I like me to do the same:)Here I meet them in TED.It is from my english learning at first:).
        I hope someday I can speak english like you a native speaker.But now I speak very funny chinese accent english.Lol...So I study hard to improve it.
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          Jun 19 2013: Ah, thanks, e. And how do you use milk, do you just drink it from a glass like we do in U.S.? And zongzi, what is it, dumpling?

          And your friends that you meet on TED, could you meet the same kind of friends in China? Or are you dependent on TED for this kind of friend?
      • Jun 20 2013: Hi Dear greg dahlen:),Yes,we drink milk like you do.ZongZi is different from dumpling,they are two sacks made by sticky rice.But totally in different flavors.

        Yes,I can meet the same kind of friends in China too,but not easy:).

        TED offers me a platform to meet friends I want.I found we exchange ideas from each other more needed in inner spiritual issue,we feel happy and satisfied to read some of ideas from each other.Eventhough we never see each other,we do can feel we are connected so closely in innerworld.We all wish the world can be better,we love our life...we all try to cultivate ourselves inner world spirit...I am very happy to meet such a group people here:)NO,I think I like to meet this kind of friends from all over the world:).

        Recently I listened to Bill Gates talks in TED and his lady:Melinda Gates in Duke University Commencement speech.Some of their words sounded saying from my heart.I do appreciate them a lot.I keep them as my friends too:)
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          Jun 20 2013: So sorry, e, what is the flavor of dumpling, and what of Zongzi?

          How would you meet the same kind of friends in China? Do you have these friends, e, or have you not made these friends at this time, I mean the ones in China. Who are these Chinese friends, what is your relationship like?

          Yes, I agree, TED is wonderful. For me, it is more intellectual, it makes me feel smarter.
      • Jun 21 2013: Lol,Hi Dear grey dahlen:),dumpling mostly in sweet flavor.ZongZi with many kinds of ingredients:sticky rice,many kinds of nuts:chestnut,green beans ...and dry mushroom...pork...mixed them together,wrap them with one kind of plants' leaves,cooking them more than three hours,it's smell is so yummy,I like it very much,when I was a kid,we just could smell it in very important festival:dragon boat festival,mid-autumn festival or spring festival.

        Yes,I meet some of those friends in china:some of them I never see them,one of them is a teacher too,she came to visite me with her daughter last summer holiday...another one I met her often in reality,sometimes we have a walk together after dinner.I am often inspired by them.
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          Jun 21 2013: Yes, so does ZongZi mean anything in English?

          Glad you have some inspiring friends. Friends on computer are good, live friends that you actually see are better. What is the state of TED in China, e, you can see all of it, is it popular, can anyone in China see it? Here in Southern California we have some local TEDx talks, I believe I can go only a short distance, five or ten miles, and see some live TEDx talks, but they're probably not as good as the main TED talks at the big international conferences.
      • Jun 22 2013: Lol,Dear greg dahlen,ZongZi means nothing in english,but it does mean so much in Chinese,you can say it is a sign of Chinese culture.

        Yes,TED is kinda of popular in China,there are a few websites in china to connect with TED talks newest: is one of them.But because of language obstacle,I just can listen to TED talks from internet.

        I think TED is one kind of salon which is trying to spread the newest,advance ideas in our life,trying to build a peaceful,harmonious world to live a meaningful life.It is an very good action for all over the world.Maybe it can be one of revolution which is conducted by internet (invisible) and visible way.I hope to see the TED flower will be blossom all over the world:).

        TED is one of very way to build a platform for us to get together to discuss ,to exchange,to communicate...we can't judge it simply by good or not good...I think it is always more than that:)
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          Jun 22 2013: e, I don't understand your second paragraph. You're saying there are a few websites in China to connect with TED talks, but somehow they pose a language obstacle? Are they in Chinese, but if they're in Chinese you should be able to listen and understand, right?
      • Jun 23 2013: Lol,some of them been translated in chinese already,but some of them not yet.There are a volunteers translators group to do the job:).They are all great people to help more chinese to listen to TED talks in chinese.I am lucky,because english and chinese both are okay for me.

        What caused TED not as popular as US?I haven't done any research about it in detail,maybe it is also a meaningful topic to discuss and have more investigation to find the reason.
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          Jun 23 2013: Thanks, e. I am surprised that TED is allowed in China. Here in the U.S. we hear there is a great deal of repression in China, that information is not allowed freely, and TED is a website where many ideas are given out with much freedom.
      • Jun 24 2013: Hi Dear grey dahlen:).Seeing as the facts(YanJianWeiShi).It is an old saying in china.We humanbeing is sort of complicated,I have to say:).Most of time 'Seeing not the facts'.So we should Seeing and judgement directly.Time can tell the truth always.
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          Jun 24 2013: Yes, gracias, e. "Gracias" means "thank you" in Spanish, that is the other language I speak besides English. Can you tell me what purpose the Great Wall serves in China, do Chinese people like the Great Wall, does it extend all around the nation? We are thinking of putting a fence along our southern border of the U.S. to prevent people coming illegally to the U.S. from Mexico. But it's very controversial.
      • Jun 25 2013: Oh,dear greg dahlen:),you can speak Spanish ,that's great:).
        The Great Wall was built to prevent out of middle china's minority to invade them.More than two thousands years ago,China had been divided into many countries.For saking of defending their contients and preventing others to invade them.There were many nationalities in ancient china,They fighted for better land.That's why they built The Great Wall for.

        Now China got united.The Great Wall isn't for the original function anymore.It is for traveling,for us to see how great those ancient chinese people to build the great structure.Because it looks awesome great.We still wonder how those ancient people can do such a great building amid trappy mountains,rivers...So now it is totally a symbol of ancient chinese people's wisdom for all over the world to appreciate...

        I think for our modern world,it isn't necessary for us to build it to prevent any.Because we are aware of us are connected.High tech developing so fast,at least we should have the consciousness to be aware of:all people live good life that's really means good(DaJiaHao,Cai Shi ZhenDeHao).Maybe it is still far away to talk about it,but we should try to do it from now on...

        The Great Wall is also a sin of symbol from ancient china,because so many families ,couples been aparted for the building.There were so many miserable stories happened.There is one of them is the so called:MengJiangNv,she was a lady who had married for three days.Her husband been sent to buid The Great Wall,because of hard work and starving,he died.The lady missed her husband too much,went alone to seek him,she walked day and night,after a few months,when she was there and got her husband died already,she had cried for three days and nights then dropped into river to committed suicide which meant go together with her husband.

        When I was a kid,my mom told me the story,my tears were burning.It impressed me a lot.Also now I am trying to tell you the story in english,my tears fall.
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          Jun 26 2013: Thank you, e. Very interesting. One bad thing about the wall is it might keep interesting new ideas from getting into China, what do you think?

          Did you tell us once you couldn't see YouTube in your place. Can you tell us more, you can't see YouTube at all, why not, is it different from TED for some reason? Maybe it's because TED is not as big as YouTube and can be censored easily?
      • Jun 27 2013: Hi Dear greg dahlen:).How come?history is history.We learn from it,not keep any hatred or ...on in our life.The Great Wall is definitely ancient Chinese People's wisdom for all over the world to appreciate and learn.Of course those miserable stories with The Great Wall will not reduce any charming from The Great Wall,on the contrary,as a history,it is more attractive for people to come to visite and meanwhile been inspired from it,not ruin it or put down it.The constructure isn't sin but people's mind and heart,thoughts are:).So history means a sign for people to learn be smarter not stupider:).Keep thinking and thinking,observing and observing,communicating and communicating.

        For the YouTube website I can't access here,I really feel sorry for that.But I do can understand why gover wants to block it in china.Meanwhile I believe china gover will open it when time comes.

        Do you know there is a story which is about little monk?a little monk in temple who can shoulder water for living,two little monks can carry water for living,thress little monks just wait for dying.For real meaning and qualitied life Chinese people still have a long way to go,espcially about people's qualify in education...
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          Jun 28 2013: Thanks, e. So why do you think government blocks in China? I believe it puts China in the minority of nations, as most nations allow.

          By the way, you've mentioned a daughter, are you married, or what happened to your child's father?

          I hope you have a nice weekend. This coming week we celebrate Fourth of July in United States, the day we declared independence from Britain about 250 years ago. Mostly it is just shooting fireworks, and having picnic in park. I believe, or I've heard, fireworks invented in China. Can you tell me any interesting stories about fireworks and China, or do you know who invented?
      • Jun 29 2013: It is a bit complcated to tell in detail why china wants to block some websites outside.I think I am not capable of telling u that.If you are interested in it,u can go on searching it's answer somewhere.

        Lol,thanks for asking my daughter and my honey:),They are all fine,thanks again.

        I am glad to hear some news from u.May u have happy time there.
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          Jun 29 2013: By the way, we were talking about music on another conversation. What is the state of music in China?