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What were 5 things you wish you knew as a senior in high school?

I am just now a rising senior in high school. I have too many questions to ask and not many answers, but I realize now that I am at a golden opportunity (not many responsibilities) in my life to make big changes and preparations for a successful life in the future. How can we avid teenagers reasy to take on the future better prepare for life?

My love life has been less than exciting. Despite putting in an inordinate amount of effort, I have, only this year gotten my first kiss, an endeavor which ultimately ended the first inklet of a relationship I ever had.

I have taken many leadership roles for clubs and a nonprofit organization that is working on a penpal program between China and the US.

I enjoy investing and learning about the stock market.

I play tennis and rock climb.

I enjoy Photography and Videography.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends.

The point of this whole description really was to express the diversity of my interests-- and presumably the diversity of everyone's interests--and to express my dilemma. Where should I focus my attention to best prepare me for the future? What five things that you know now looking back would you tell me? What five things do you regret doing or not doing looking back? Which aspects of your life do you wish you had focused on?


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    Jun 12 2013: Robert, hello!
    Here are my five...it's a good thing I still remember my senior year in high school....although I'm closer to my senior years in life. lol

    * Procrastination is a bad habit, do what you NEED to do, so you can then do what you WANT to do.

    *Read all kinds of literature........it will open your mind and expose you to things you never even thought of.

    *Converse.......I mean really talk to people....all kinds of people, from all age groups and all walks of life, you will be amazed at what you learn.

    *Listen........other people's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are just as important as yours, so listen more, and ask questions.

    *Rest and eat well............your body and brain needs it. In your old age, your body and brain will thank you.

    I'm sorry for cheating and putting two in the last line.....oh well, I told you I'm an old timer.
    Will you forgive me?
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      Jun 26 2013: Of course, who wouldn't forgive you.
      I would actually appreciate it if you told more than five useful points to us. You could even write a book and I would read it.

      Thanks for sharing, appreciate your advice Mary.

      And have a nice day and many awesome senior years.
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        Jun 26 2013: Simon Peter, I will have to think about writing that book......thank you for your kind words.

        You know, when I was in school I was so shy.
        I walked around looking down at the floor.
        But, my ears were always open.......listening.......learning......
        And I loved to talk to older adults, still do......there is so much to learn from their years of life.

        Now, I'm the one who is older.
        And, I notice that so many young people reject the companionship of elderly ones, or even the companionship of some of us who just reached our "almost golden years"......

        When you are young, you think you will never grow old, and that you will have the same energy always, and the same good health always.....but that is just not the case.

        We grow old and die............so life is really good if you can glean information from those who have grown old and can give you a heads up on how to take good care of all your life....physical, emotional, spiritual,....etc.....don't you think so?

        I think you are a smart young man Simon..............Be Well, and Live Long!!!!
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          Jul 1 2013: Yes absolutely, the advice elders give us is not always relevant to our times but if it is deduced and calculated after some thought, every thing is useful to us, even to newer generations.

          I'm just 17, will be 18 in a couple month and I can't wait to finally be a legal "adult". There is so much pressure to do well in life, not from others, but from my own self. I wish to create a mark and also do it before I turn 30.

          Generation gaps are unavoidable and specially in this generation where humans have developed in leaps and bounds unlike earlier times which is causing it. I don't blame anyone for it but it is actually effecting us. My granma and me haven't talked a lot recently, I just spoke to her yesterday after many months. She lives in another city far away do its hard for me to communicate. She's also hard of hearing and she has a tough time remembering things. I wish to spend time with her before her time is up.

          And thank you Mary, your blessings and kind thoughts are pleasing to hear.

          Did you know, my mom's name is Mary too and reading what you wrote makes me consider your words equal to my mother's.

          If u like, I would like to know much more about you.
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        Jul 1 2013: You are just beginning your life Simon.

        How terrible that you live so far away from your granma........

        Sending cards in the mail is nice, especially for the elderly.
        They like having something tangible to read and reread.

        Did you see what the Chinese did today to help their elderly population?


        What do you think?
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          Jul 3 2013: After a long thought on this, I have come to the conclusion that the Chinese government are being a good loving parent to its citizen by making sure that the elders are taken care of or at least seen and visited by their own relatives.

          Kudos to China.
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          Jul 3 2013: And I'll make sure to send a letter and a card to my grandma soon.

          I've never sent a hand-written mail through the postal service ever but there's always a first time.

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