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What were 5 things you wish you knew as a senior in high school?

I am just now a rising senior in high school. I have too many questions to ask and not many answers, but I realize now that I am at a golden opportunity (not many responsibilities) in my life to make big changes and preparations for a successful life in the future. How can we avid teenagers reasy to take on the future better prepare for life?

My love life has been less than exciting. Despite putting in an inordinate amount of effort, I have, only this year gotten my first kiss, an endeavor which ultimately ended the first inklet of a relationship I ever had.

I have taken many leadership roles for clubs and a nonprofit organization that is working on a penpal program between China and the US.

I enjoy investing and learning about the stock market.

I play tennis and rock climb.

I enjoy Photography and Videography.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends.

The point of this whole description really was to express the diversity of my interests-- and presumably the diversity of everyone's interests--and to express my dilemma. Where should I focus my attention to best prepare me for the future? What five things that you know now looking back would you tell me? What five things do you regret doing or not doing looking back? Which aspects of your life do you wish you had focused on?


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  • Jun 22 2013: 1. Be yourself. Everyone at high school is scared to be unique and not fit in. The funny thing is everybody just wants to be themselves. Be yourself, embrace those that are and try to be, sooner or later you will have a trend.
    2. Boyfriends & Girlfriends. Make friends with people you are interested in. Find out if you have the same common likes and interests. If you are friends first, all the other good stuff follows because there is a trust factor.
    3. Explore your interests--try selling your photography, try investing, videograph someones wedding or special event. Do not let age, money, or peer pressure keep you from trying things you want to do. Be focused on what you want, you will find the necessary finance and support to do it.
    4. Build your friendships and make memories this year. My high school friends are closer than my college friends, even though I spent more time with my college friends. I communicate more with my hs friends now (30 yrs later). I can't even remember some of my college roommates names to look them up (some I don't care to).
    5. learn Kipling's IF poem- use it as a benchmark to measure your actions by. There are no greater words of advice that anyone can give than what is contained in that poem.


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