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What are the ways to help eradicate starvation in Africa?

Everyday there are so many people dying of starvation in Africa yet there are specific regions in Africa that food is abundant that they end up wasting because of no means to distribute.Food is thrown or given to animals but still somebody somewhere lives a whole week without a pint of water. So far African leaders,the government are so corrupt that the money received is used for their own benefit. I believe food security can be achieved by building warehouses that agricultural commodities can be stored in and not wasted. The dry regions could benefit from Irrigation and water projects so that they can do farming on their own. Many farmers fear selling their produce at a low price to the drought stricken areas. what are some of the marketing and trading strategies of their agricultural commodities be implemented to ensure they don't go at a loss and encourage them to do more farming? Together we can help eradicate starvation and ensure someone doesn't sleep hungry.

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    Jun 13 2013: Bill Gates Talks about an ingenious solution in one of his Talks (can't remember which).

    The model of making people self sustaining on food is really simple actually.

    1. You provide a storehouse where they can store food without it being spoiled.
    2. You provide a secure market for farmers to sell their food into that warehouse offering them a secure minimum price. The reason so many don't grow is because it's not assured that you can actually make a living on the always unstable market selling food.
    3. You give the keys to three trusted individuals in that town, requiring all of them to be there to open the storehouse.
    4. You sell the food back when needed for the same price it was bought for. NGOs could pay (a part of) it for those who can't afford it.

    In the places where this has been tested it has quadrupled the yearly yield from fields, by simply ensuring a stable market.

    Now, there are of course other problems and solutions but I've found this to be one of the best so far.
  • Jun 13 2013: Stop sending food to regions that haver surpassed the environments carrying capacity. The starving population is a growing population because it is artificially propped up by outside grain shipments.

    Also use the land efficiently. What LaMar and ZX wrote are good suggestions.
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      Jun 13 2013: There are many places in the world that don't support their agricultural needs. the US is one of those places. this is sorted by trade. But trading is sending, so is it wrong to trade food with the US? Should they starve?
      And that goes for any western nation, the biggest food producers are China And India, they starve and we don't. So, should we let the western world starve?
      • Jun 13 2013: I am suggesting we fix the root problem of starvation. I support efforts to maximize productivity of land but do not support sending free food to an area that can't support its own population. This only produces more starving people.