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patience in teaching Chinese to adults as beginners

Due to little consciousness of Character and pronunciation of Chinese, after learned the very basic part such as greetings in daily life, foreingers(especially westerners) are easy to lose their interests and confidence in studying Chinese to the next level.
In this specific time, teachers should add more patience and more attractive contents and forms to help the adults overcome the difficulties in their study.
Be sure that they can see their improvments in Chinese study by your judgements.

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    W. Ying

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    Jun 17 2013: .
    Tell the learners:

    (1) A Chinese character is a picture.
    Pictures are the basic units of our memory in our brain.
    Thus, Chinese is easier to remember than English.

    (2) Chinese is more musical than English,
    due to 4 different tones.
    So, Chinese poem means "song".

    (3) Chinese is more accurate than English.
    due to few synonyms
    Hence, we can read and type it quicker than English.

    (4) ...


  • Jun 15 2013: I have to say:Chinese is really not easy to learn:)."interest" is the most important motivation to learn it well as anything you want to .
  • Jun 12 2013: Still How is learning Chinese different than any other language outside your language group? OF course, to read there are ideograms, but there is a recent Ted talk on that. Hopefully, your language aptitude is better than mine.