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Watch for Internet scams and other forms of fraud

At this point in history, it's easy to assume most people using the Internet are savvy in the ways of the Web and email.
It's easy to assume that users, both young and old, are also aware of the scammers out there who use a variety of tricks and lies to obtain passwords, email addresses and much more potentially lucrative information, such as credit card numbers.

But alas, every day can be a tough education for some vulnerable Internet users.
In Volusia County, email pleas from a former member of the Volusia County School Board have been floating around, begging for money to help the board member get home from Asia.
The emails are totally fictitious. The former board member, Judy Conte, is safe, back in the USA.
But the angle of the scam is ingenious. The scammers target people in the region who may know Conte. They have done this through an initial assault on Conte's old email account at the Volusia County School Board. Using her contacts, the scammers — perhaps located in Asia, or some other distant location — ask for money.

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