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Beauty is a quality that gives pleasure to the sense.

According to the Darwinian theory of beauty video, beauty is define as qualities that discribes people, animals, or things. The video shows different ways to use the word beauty and how was used years ago. There was some weird examples of beauty, but the point of view of evryone is totatly different as the video.

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    Jun 12 2013: Beauty is an apparency, real beauty is a harmony
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    Jun 12 2013: .
    The reason:


    9. Sensing Beauty
    The ability of sensing beauty is one of vitally important instincts or our ancestors’ successful experiences saved in our DNA. This is because all beautiful things are good for keeping human DNA alive or our survival.
    Such as when we:
    (1) See a child, particularly his or her own child, beautiful women, handsome men, beautiful landscape on fine weather, ripened fruits, clean water, and comfortable habitat;
    (2) Hear a soft happy voice or birds singing;
    (3) Feel warm fresh air, and etc.
    All these above tell us that the thing we sense is good for our living or more exactly for keeping our DNA alive.
    a. Definition of Beauty
    From all this mentioned above or everyday common sense, beauty must be defined as the feeling that the things which we see, hear and feel make us happy. That is to say, it is the feeling things being a-step-better for keeping our DNA alive. Otherwise, we can never survive.
    Sensing beauty is the human instincts or our ancestors’ successful experiences saved in DNA in order to lead us how to do right for our survival.
    b. Validity
    The validly sensing beauty depends on whether the conditions of sensing beauty meet those conditions of about 10,000 ago or not.
    Valid beauty meets those conditions well.
    Invalidly sensing beauty does not meet these conditions, at least not completely. And thus the invalidly sensing beauty almost always injures our keeping DNA alive.
    c. Present State
    However, today, people have a great deal of invalidly sensing beauty which hurts them selves badly.
    For an example, there is the production of various arts without any benefits for keeping their DNA alive.
    Obviously, the best way to find the invalid sensing beauty is by means of our instincts or the happiness norm, which our ancestors set about 10,000 years ago.


    (from Be Happy Validly! p 27)
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    Jun 11 2013: A long time ago, skinny was not considered beautiful. Big and obese women were sought after for reproduction. I am referring to the statue of a large woman with hands resting on top of her breasts. The name of this statue evades memory, but i think that it pretty famous and pretty old. Jump forward a few thousand years and we get to the statue of Venus de Milo, (i think that is the name), Not to skinny, but definitely not obese or anywhere near. Then there was David, roughly around the same time. Skinny and kinda girly looking, but nude and proportionate, i.e. symmetrical Leonardo Divinci made and extensive and dangerous study into the human body and its symmetry before he was able to create the beautiful paintings he is accredited. What is beautiful to me, from my perspective, is whatever God does. All of His Creation is beautiful. Big, small, skinny, fat; its not what is on the outside, but the inside shining through. Lots of women i have met have been beautiful by physical standards but their attitude made them ugly and not attractive.
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    Jun 11 2013: Considering that the beauty industry is MASSIVE, it is really suprising that there have only been 2 comments made and this conversation will close in the next 16 hours or so. Not only that, but it would appear that the only traffic here has effectively been made today.
    As I type this I wonder for what time period the post was originally put up for?
    I have not seen the video, tho thru reference to the Darwinian view of survival of the fittest, it would translate to beauty being incorporated too.
    The Ancient Greeks came up with a formula for beauty, which reinforces Lizanne's comment on symmetry. Also an age old adage of, beauty is in the eye of the beholder would come also into play.
    All said tho, I agree that beauty does give pleasure to the sense and I think that, if people were polled on what they found attractive, that the majority of people would concur with each other!
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      Jun 11 2013: There has been little activity, very likely, because the thread has been up only about 8 hours.
  • Jun 11 2013: Hi Berlinda!
    According to Wiki:

    (facial) beauty lies in symmetry:
    Cameron Russel has a great talk on 'beauty':

    musical beauty is unobtrusive:
    But why we perceive music at all, is perhaps even more beautiful, as Charles Limb explains:

    and, because nature has been used in so many forms of art, it is associated with beauty:

    A while back, I stumbled across this ad/study by Dove:

    I agree, that beauty is instinctive. How can we judge what beauty is to us, without getting in touch with our primitive selves? One of the most beautiful things I have ever had the fortune to experience, was giving birth to my children. It was the most primitive thing in the world, during which I felt completely interconnected with the world around me. The wonder of it all was overwhelming, and so completely natural at the same time.
    Life IS beauty.
    • Jun 11 2013: Hi Lizanne. I agree with your point of view. I can't say the same thing about having a baby, but I bet it's something beautiful to experience.
  • Jun 11 2013: Good choice now I'll sleep on this.