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America's 21st Century New Deal

I would like to pose the question of what might a contemporary version of FDR's New Deal. So, a New Deal, for you and me in the internet age. What public works projects would help our country for the next century? My thoughts immediately turn to concepts like massive solar farms (could they work in deserts!?) wind farms, high speed rail, a smarter electrical grid, etc. In a world of 3D Printing what is possible for the infrastructure of a world superpower (and the world too!)

I want people to consider a point too, in how we design infrastructure: The Romans built aqueducts more than 1500 years ago, they can still transport fresh water to people today. Why do we build disposable infrastructure? Is it worth it to save a penny here, as opposed to investing in future safety, stability, and prosperity.

Post your ideas, think outside the box please! No pessimism, just ideas please.


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  • Jun 12 2013: James, I appreciate your insight into the structure of education, I'm assuming you've seen a Ken Robinson talk or two?

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