Rekha  Piramanayagam

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Online Kiosk that sells individual articles (magazines, archives etc.) and allows users to access all content through a single homepage/app.

The platform would only contain content that users already have to pay for or that is not available without buying the whole publication. The platform would allow buyers to comment on articles and list what other readers bought (similar to functions offered by Amazon). Subscription methods would include prepaid accounts as well as flat fees for certain magazines, topic clusters (e.g. green energy) and any combination of articles, topics etc.
The main advantage for users would be convenience, as only one homepage needs to be visited to access a huge variety of information. The homepage could also be customized according to individual interests. In addition, only one online account is necessary to access articles from different sources. It would also allow implementing a smooth and automatic payment process.

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    Apr 10 2011: It sounds like a really good idea. Would you be charging users some sort of entry or establishment cost? I presume you would need to cover the costs of developing the platform somehow...

    Or would it be free for users, but extract some sort of commission from publications and media publishers? Presumably they would see the benefits of greater convenience leading to increased readership, however would they be wary of having their content be displayed alongside potential competitors?