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Does our background impact our approach towards work?

Does employees faith,geographical location,beliefs and culture impacts their ways of handling their professional life?If it does how well related it is with an organizations performance.


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    Jun 12 2013: .
    The background makes pre-instinct data as follows:

    (5) Soul
    Soul is the spiritual self formed by the computation results of the master data-programs of both human instincts and pre-instincts in the brain.
    The soul runs the brain; and the brain runs the whole physical body.
    A. Composition
    Soul consists of the following two kinds of data and programs in our brain:
    a. Instinct Data
    Instinct data are the data generated or grown up in our brain according to the information saved in DNA by our ancestors about 10,000 years ago.
    b. Pre-Instinct Data
    Pre-instinct data are those data acquired or created by the individual during his or her own living time through poly-repetition of his or her behaviors physically or spiritually. .
    B. Function
    The function of the soul is the controlling all activities of a person’s brain with ultra-high velocity, including unconscious and conscious ones.


    (from Be Happy Validly! p 11)

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