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Does our background impact our approach towards work?

Does employees faith,geographical location,beliefs and culture impacts their ways of handling their professional life?If it does how well related it is with an organizations performance.


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    Jun 13 2013: I think you can distill this conversation down to 1 key area "ATTITUDE".

    You then can divide this into 2 distinct areas:

    POSITIVE attitude
    NEGATIVE attitude

    Irrespective of an employees faith, geographical location or culture, a positive attitude will always see an organisation perform better when it's employees possess it than in those organisations where its employees don't! :D
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      Jun 13 2013: Let me share with you an example,in most of the cases when your work requires lobbying and under the table deals to manage your official work healthy.Now in these cases even people in many countries accept it as part and parcel of work at the same point many culture and religions do not allow it.Now is it going to affect the normal routine business?

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