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Does our background impact our approach towards work?

Does employees faith,geographical location,beliefs and culture impacts their ways of handling their professional life?If it does how well related it is with an organizations performance.

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    Jun 14 2013: Sharique, From the beginning we learn from our role models. I factories in Japan where jobs are passed from father to son as a honor ... sickness and absentism are extremely low. In the USA during the depression when jobs were rare you came in early and left late sick or well. After WW II the same work ethics were in place. During Viet Nam we had scheduled maintenance and the "kids" left at 5 saying their shift was up and they were out of here. Three of us stayed for a additional five hours and reported again the next morning with all the requirements met.

    It would be difficult to say that background is the only factor. In todays society we have those who have "entitlements" and yet want more without any commitment or effort on their part. We have spawned welfare generations and those seeking "entitlements". They want to start with all of the things it took Mom and Dad 50 years to obtain. It is the ME generation.

    I am 70 years old and in three jobs missed 2.5 days of work in three careers. All 2.5 were in the militatry. I was hospitalized.

    Honor, ethics, and pride are not passed along, taught, or instilled. Many parents who possessed these traits have been disappointed in their offspring.

    Industry fills positions based on their current and future needs. They seek and hire those with the most potential to meet those needs. Seldom is anyone fired unless the needs change. IBM hires many new engineers and only one in every X thousand will have a breakthrough idea. Organizations know this and the potential profits is matched to the operations and development costs and that is the factor that measures organizational health and performance.

    IMO, time and circumstances dictate much of this approach.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Jun 11 2013: Definitely! However when you start talking about an organisations performance, that is a different story.
    Let me explain, there is such a thing as the culture of an organisation and invariably it is directed and manipulated by those at the top of the organisation. For instance if "The Boss" was the sort of person who brought out the best in people and was well liked and made people feel valued and respected and paid well for their work efforts. It stands to reason that the workplace would reflect this.
    If however the flow down effect was get what you can, I don't care and I hate being here, then that too stands to reason that it would be a very lacklustre place to be and as such perform poorly.
    The science of productivity for an organisation to perform well is something that many major players embrace. For example it has been shown in Japan that when pine forest fragrance was put thru the air conditioning systems in an office place, the productivity increased and the rate of sick days fell and moral was higher! :D
    • Jun 11 2013: I appreciate you response,but don't we all know that today an Organizations work culture is completely based upon its place of origin.What you have pointed out is so true for most of the blue chip and financial firms yet if we move towards marketing and sales role most of the employees do perform differently in accordance with all these factors.Similarly leadership style varies accordingly,in most of the cases we do see seniors having a soft corner towards people with whom they can associate them self.
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    W. Ying

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    Jun 12 2013: .
    The background makes pre-instinct data as follows:

    (5) Soul
    Soul is the spiritual self formed by the computation results of the master data-programs of both human instincts and pre-instincts in the brain.
    The soul runs the brain; and the brain runs the whole physical body.
    A. Composition
    Soul consists of the following two kinds of data and programs in our brain:
    a. Instinct Data
    Instinct data are the data generated or grown up in our brain according to the information saved in DNA by our ancestors about 10,000 years ago.
    b. Pre-Instinct Data
    Pre-instinct data are those data acquired or created by the individual during his or her own living time through poly-repetition of his or her behaviors physically or spiritually. .
    B. Function
    The function of the soul is the controlling all activities of a person’s brain with ultra-high velocity, including unconscious and conscious ones.


    (from Be Happy Validly! p 11)
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    Jun 10 2013: People's work ethic and priorities are likely affected by their role models and those they admire as well as by the culture of their place of work.

    International comparisons suggest that hours of work per week and absenteeism are different in different countries. I doubt this is a matter of geography per se but more of what is accepted in the culture of that place.

    As an example, I understand from the work of Banarjee and Duflo, development economics at MIT, one from India and the other from France, that the level of absenteeism among teachers and nurses in India is far greater than in many other countries.
    • Jun 11 2013: Thank you for pointing out an important factor as "role model" in personal influence and how it leads towards our approach towards our work.
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    Jun 13 2013: I think you can distill this conversation down to 1 key area "ATTITUDE".

    You then can divide this into 2 distinct areas:

    POSITIVE attitude
    NEGATIVE attitude

    Irrespective of an employees faith, geographical location or culture, a positive attitude will always see an organisation perform better when it's employees possess it than in those organisations where its employees don't! :D
    • Jun 13 2013: Let me share with you an example,in most of the cases when your work requires lobbying and under the table deals to manage your official work healthy.Now in these cases even people in many countries accept it as part and parcel of work at the same point many culture and religions do not allow it.Now is it going to affect the normal routine business?
  • Jun 12 2013: Nop ! It is all the mind set up or the training he has received till now, and his integrity that delivers. Otherwise Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance (India), Lincoln. Hitler, Bill Gates would never have been there.
    • Jun 13 2013: Ironically for all your example I feel all of them behaved in a particular way because of their background,belief and life experiences.
  • Jun 12 2013: NO! It is all about his or her individual mind set up or training that delivers or doesn't deliver. If it were your points to be significant, then Lincoln, Hitler, our Indian idol Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam , Ambanis of Reliance, N.R. Narayan Murthy of Infosys, Bill Gates would have never been there where they reigned in.