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Does our background impact our approach towards work?

Does employees faith,geographical location,beliefs and culture impacts their ways of handling their professional life?If it does how well related it is with an organizations performance.


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    Jun 10 2013: People's work ethic and priorities are likely affected by their role models and those they admire as well as by the culture of their place of work.

    International comparisons suggest that hours of work per week and absenteeism are different in different countries. I doubt this is a matter of geography per se but more of what is accepted in the culture of that place.

    As an example, I understand from the work of Banarjee and Duflo, development economics at MIT, one from India and the other from France, that the level of absenteeism among teachers and nurses in India is far greater than in many other countries.
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      Jun 11 2013: Thank you for pointing out an important factor as "role model" in personal influence and how it leads towards our approach towards our work.

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