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Does our background impact our approach towards work?

Does employees faith,geographical location,beliefs and culture impacts their ways of handling their professional life?If it does how well related it is with an organizations performance.


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    Jun 11 2013: Definitely! However when you start talking about an organisations performance, that is a different story.
    Let me explain, there is such a thing as the culture of an organisation and invariably it is directed and manipulated by those at the top of the organisation. For instance if "The Boss" was the sort of person who brought out the best in people and was well liked and made people feel valued and respected and paid well for their work efforts. It stands to reason that the workplace would reflect this.
    If however the flow down effect was get what you can, I don't care and I hate being here, then that too stands to reason that it would be a very lacklustre place to be and as such perform poorly.
    The science of productivity for an organisation to perform well is something that many major players embrace. For example it has been shown in Japan that when pine forest fragrance was put thru the air conditioning systems in an office place, the productivity increased and the rate of sick days fell and moral was higher! :D
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      Jun 11 2013: I appreciate you response,but don't we all know that today an Organizations work culture is completely based upon its place of origin.What you have pointed out is so true for most of the blue chip and financial firms yet if we move towards marketing and sales role most of the employees do perform differently in accordance with all these factors.Similarly leadership style varies accordingly,in most of the cases we do see seniors having a soft corner towards people with whom they can associate them self.

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