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Can we discuss the economics of abundance? And the possibility of 'free' instead of a guaranteed minimum income?

I'm delighted to hear Mr. McAfee discussing this and would love to more about what professional economists have to say about the performance of economic models in a society of abundance, as opposed to scarcity.

I would love to hear thoughts, and be pointed in the right direction for further reading etc, on the possibility of providing essential goods and services for free - in place of, or in addition to, something like a guaranteed minimum income.


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    Jun 15 2013: I wrote a book "THE NOBLE SOCIETY" where I depicted the society of Minds, extremely creative and interactive, where they are able to Create anything they wish --- on their own. I'd like to send it to you if you wish, as a gift. Do you have any PO BOX?

    "The Noble Society" establishes a new, unusual genre. It is part twenty first century fantastic comic book, part profound philosophical literary work. It views the essence of our existence in a new way while at the same time making us laugh. While the characters look, move, think, and act in amusing and seemingly ridiculous ways, the ultimate meaning of the tales is embedded in Vera Nova's surprising ideas that suggest to profoundly change fundamental human concepts such as understanding of mundane reality, independence, money, entertainment, social structures, ethics, love, war, time and space. This beautiful book is a literary, and undoubtedly philosophical treasure."
    - (C.W. Maes)
    • Jun 17 2013: Forgive my for "looking a gift horse in the mouth". Is there an electronic version available? Unfortunately, paper books tend to sit on my shelf, unread, forever. My iPad is my reading tool these days.
      • Jun 17 2013: Hi Vera - I'd love to read your book (and am perfectly willing to purchase it too). Is there a private message function here? I can't find one. If you go to my corporate website, which is part of my profile, then you'll find my email address on there and I can give you my PO Box (I trust this community it's the trawling programs that scrub sites for this info that I'm wary of).

        Thanks! (And your website looks fascinating, I'm reading through it now - I think that Edward Lyions (below) might be interested in what you're doing.
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        Jun 17 2013: Robert, hopefully some day soon I'll manage to make an electronic version. Sorry, for tthe inconvenience.

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