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Can we discuss the economics of abundance? And the possibility of 'free' instead of a guaranteed minimum income?

I'm delighted to hear Mr. McAfee discussing this and would love to more about what professional economists have to say about the performance of economic models in a society of abundance, as opposed to scarcity.

I would love to hear thoughts, and be pointed in the right direction for further reading etc, on the possibility of providing essential goods and services for free - in place of, or in addition to, something like a guaranteed minimum income.


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  • Jun 15 2013: Abundance is controlled by the scientists. Guaranteed income is the proper segway or transition to free. There can't be free with too many people still placing faith in paper-imagined-value. Step by step we shall be free. We are only babies and 90% of history is of a hunter-gatherer typing, so give your self a breather and we'll do fine.

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