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Can we discuss the economics of abundance? And the possibility of 'free' instead of a guaranteed minimum income?

I'm delighted to hear Mr. McAfee discussing this and would love to more about what professional economists have to say about the performance of economic models in a society of abundance, as opposed to scarcity.

I would love to hear thoughts, and be pointed in the right direction for further reading etc, on the possibility of providing essential goods and services for free - in place of, or in addition to, something like a guaranteed minimum income.


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  • Jun 11 2013: I got my first job at 15 at a restaurant taught me a bit but the Germans are getting 15 year old kids at Siemens on apprenticeship programs, you wonder if pharmaceuticals is the same. I think we've robotized everything easy to robotize or more accurately exported them to Bangladesh or a bit of both. I think Bangladesh may see more robots now that they had those fires and demanded so much attention. Still the robots are in place and humans are going where they can't HVAC/ Boiler repair comes to mind. The trucks that drive themselves why not just high speed trains?
    Now it's an issue of eliminate two jobs create one in regulation, because resources are harder to obtain, because we're interested in new things for instance revolution in DNA printing or environmental degradation. Also for twenty years or so we'll have that bubble we're an elderly class will take much of the leisure time of people.

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