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    Jun 18 2013: My final thoughts on the topic here, combined with some of my earlier suggestions in other posts, may offer some answers to the question, Remy.

    A radio program that I listened to last night was discussing subject material that was aligned I thought to the thread here. Apparently females, who make up 51% of the worlds population are dramatically under-represented in the engineering world.

    The culture, is very male biased/oriented to the detriment of providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for females.

    If sex sells, then engineering in this respect is clearly selling itself short. If more females were attracted to the industry, then by default more males would also be.

    If a clear change of culture was embraced and the number of female engineers was closer to their male counterpart numbers, then I believe there would be no skills shortage.

    Moreover, a female perspective also needs to be included/incorporated into projects to better balance out the viewpoints and perspectives.

    Role models are also lacking, to inspire and motivate new students to take up the discipline!

    Fundamentally however, especially with respect to a world wide blanket media coverage of global warming etc, the message needs to be as initially mentioned in your opening post Remy, along the lines of how SHELL is moving forward into the future, in terms of the energy sector.

    Keep doing the same thing and expect to get the same results. Sure, it is always easy to pick the low lying fruit but to actively engage future students, you need to be actively engaged in providing them a sustainable future! : D

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