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    Jun 16 2013: Hi Remy, as instigator and initiator of this thread/post and in consideration that individually you are representing a Global Brand, I wonder, is this something that you are managing alone or are the replies/communications something that is being done on a team/collective basis or are they solely on your own?
    The significance of this questioning is so that I am better able to contemplate the replies or lack therof to posts that have been made via this forum. Posts here do not come much more aligned or targeted/qualified in terms of a focus group and in my opinion thereby necessitate a much more aligned company involvement in tendered posts here, so that the conversation thread can be more formally/scientifically as well as group interaction co-ordinated to better take advantage of FREE consumer inputs from a socio demographic that is most likely best placed to sagely advise company advantageous ways to move forward!
    For example, you have not acknowledged one of my posts which I have put considerable thought and I thought insight into and as such your brand is diminished in my opinion , for the reasons I have mentioned above.
    If you are going to post as a global brand in my opinion, then you need to be able to act as a global brand that can speak to a global audience without alienating it's audience!
    There is waaay much more to operating a business than any one individual can appreciate and it is only thru a group/effort that it is practical for any real traction. I do appreciate that your heart, Remy is in the right place, however In my opinion, this endeavour is something best attempted with a company wholistic approach, so that everything is covered and incorporated, so that one individual alone is not trying to cover all the bases.
    All the contributors here are individuals, however Shell as a company is not, as such I think the company really needs to become very much more actively involved in posts here to validate our support and that of the brand TED! : D
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      Jun 16 2013: Time Traveler, I think typically when there is only a small audience in question, a company might well designate an individual to represent it for the purpose. There are only fifty or sixty posts here in nearly a week, right?

      A week ago when a hotel chain sponsored a thread about global businesses engaging locally, the single designated spokesperson participated actively. I don't believe that firm designated more than one person for that role and it worked fine, I believe.
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        Jun 17 2013: Hi Time Traveller/Fritzie,
        As I hope you’ve seen, I was unable to reply to posts over the weekend, and hope that you do not see this as a lack of engagement/interest from my part.

        As a petrophysicist and a technical professional, I do not represent Shell’s wider business so am unable to answer some of the points which are being raised. But I really do want to talk about this education issue so if anyone's got a question about engineering or petrophysics and studying either of the two, I’m all ears!

        In answer to your other question, Shell’s communications team is providing me with support – for example where I’ve been asked about related Shell initiatives – e.g. our recruitment - which I am not involved with in my day-to-day role. What I do see in my current role is that each year we take on a number of graduates through internships during their university courses, and others once they have finished their degrees. For the last 2 summers I’ve seen interns number 10+ in a department which only comprises of around 80 people. Many of these interns go on to hold full-time positions after their internships in the company.

        The conversation so far has raised some very interesting insights which will be shared with my colleagues, and particularly those in the UK who work with schools to encourage interest in the STEM subjects. I’d like to hear from others as to what methods they’ve found to be successful at approaching this subject. In the spirit of TED, sharing ideas can be a fruitful process!
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          Jun 17 2013: Thank you for taking the time. I am sure those to whom you reply appreciate your interest in their thoughts on your question.
    • Jun 17 2013: As an ex-Shell Techie (CIO in Shell Renewables circa 2005) I found this to be a common problem in Shell though probably not uncommon in other large brand companies. Their internal PR and 'outreach' capacity is massive and rivals some of the best Madison avenue ever conceived. It is also often out-of sync with itself and puts insanely massive amounts of resources in one area to no avail while other good projects wither for lack of minimum resources. I absolutely guarantee you Remy had to go pretty high up to get this shell branded forum approved though more likely he is merely playing a role Shell asked him to play.

      I'm sorry people-- but consider just for a moment-- do you think Shell is really interested in raising the number and quality of people seeking engineering jobs for the good of the planet or perhaps just asking some of the smartest people in the room to give them insight on how Shell can get what it needs.

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