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    Jun 17 2013: What I think about Shell's development and Remy de Winter discussion. New wisdom is needed. I only imagine that the very new institution may reestablish the values of the fundamental professions, such as engineering, because they are rooted in their irreplaceable values. These professions shall not be mixed together with those that make up entertaining and profit "building" industries.

    I would be happy if the schools will start teaching Werner Heisenberg's superb philosophy - we shall not allow mindless industries to mass-produce what an inventor or a researcher have discovered in their labs. We do make mistakes most of the time, but the final correction comes from Nature itself. We cannot afford to make mistakes on such a gigantic scale, it would not be possible for us, humans, to fix them. We all must remember that Mass-production of any sort is always doomed to collapse sooner or later creating global mass psychosis, and scary physical destruction.

    However, creating the diversity of smaller innovative projects would teach us endlessly.
    Create ideas, invent and build very diverse small projects, sensitive to the specific local natural environment, as well as flexible and adjustable to ever changing man-made conditions (not recycling mentality). See if some of these innovative projects may be wiser than the rest. Many talented engineers and scietists will find these challanging works ultimately exciting, and our lost postmodern society will benefit from new wisdom and knowledge.

    The basics we need to learn in schools - No Profit, Technology or Innovation can be truly intelligent on their own.

    Thank you for reading.

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