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    Jun 16 2013: An Engineering career is about toooo much learning and responsibilities, moreover, compared with "computing", programing, or web designing, sales of all sorts, these engineering jobs are commonly not the very highly paid jobs. Though there are some helpful computing programs for engineers, still without your good practical experience your computer-designed building or a bridge will collapse during the construction. if you, beside the "norms", do not really know well your materials, the weather surprises, environmental issues, and other unexpected stuff that might appear anytime, you're producing desasters.

    My point is that the engineering activity in some practical fields requires not only specific knowledge and training, you need a good intuition dealing with real ever changing surprising reality.

    Our postmodern society is Dreaming unaware where we really are, therefore, the majority of us spends tons of money and time on stupid but "exciting" technological toys of all sorts. To build a thing that would be functional and dependable in reality means to deal directly with real nature and its turns. It is Adventurous in its best sense. Think about great Faraday, admiring the god's nature and its endless wisdom and sophistication, from which we learn almost nothing.

    I guess engineering is one of the most exciting professions that are so mindlessly underappreciated, and often misunderstood. Shall we Wait until the human world will awake? This may take a long time.

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