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  • Avi Dey

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    Jun 11 2013: QUESTION: A conversation with Shell: Why don’t today’s students want to be engineers?

    Conversation: This is a valuable question for America going forward from this second decade of 21st Century. Thank you.

    I granduated with an electrical engineering degree and while I was working as a practicing engineer in a celulose accetate factory I attended night school at NYU to get my MBA. As an engineer I and being active in the technical professional society ieee.org , we have had deep discussion on the issue of how to address this issue of motivating today's high school and college students to consider science and engineering studies.

    It's a complex issue that will not be easily solved as new insights are needed as to how to modify the way science is tought at high school and undergrad in typical state universities today.

    But clearly educational process based on new discoveries about the way people learn is yet to be tried in pilot studies in a serious way in K12 education. This is issue of education will remain a challange as cultural change and philosophy of experimentaton in education is not easy to implement.

    As an example, one topic which I have published on the internet is this topic based on new knowledge of education that has emerged in the last decade or so.

    The title of my brief photo article is this available on a Google Search Box item for added clarity :

    Education Social Entrepreneurs Community Spirit Building Blueprint A

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