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To find out how many others have an idea worthy of consideration for the $1,000,000 TED ideas prize but don't fulfill the TED criteria!

I have a great idea for the how to change the world, here is a million dollars from the people at TED prize to go and do it! I started to read thru the required entrant pages and quickly realised that I soooo would not even get a look in based on the entrant criteria. Not only that, a look/review of previous winners, has as one, someone like BONO! OMG, how can ordinary folk even get a look in, especially when you have TED questions, such as what awards have you won etc. To me people like BONO have waaaay enough millions to kick start whatever they want!
As such, I wanted via this TED question post, to establish a rank and file repository of brilliant ideas/concepts/entrepeneurial opportunities, so that not only the TED people but any other philanthrapist/angel investor type/organisations can have an opportunity to perhaps invest in some alternatives. In big business, I got to tell you 1 million dollars ain't really that much.
So fellow activists, post away, my goal here is to tap into a whole area of brilliance and golden opportunity that would otherwise be overlooked. This is the classic needle in a haystack or diamond in the rough opportunity to make good on what you can bring to the fore, so make the most of it! :D

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    Jul 10 2013: Thankyou everyone for your contributions! : D
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    Jul 7 2013: Considering I put this post up, just wanted to go on record to show my interest in it. Obviously there are no world changing ideas out there, or at least not in terms of meeting the TED criteria to justify a submission or discussion of as is evidenced by the activity on this post.... TED staff note * : D
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    Jul 2 2013: Clearly $1,000,000 just ain't enough. What I wonder, would be the trigger point for mass participation, granted that the audience is really quite small!
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    Jun 25 2013: Wow fascinating. $1,000,000 prize offering conversation for world changing ideas solicits from a prospective audience of 2 million people.....basically no one!

    What does this tell us? What does this tell the prize instigators? Is there a motivator for world changing ideas that would receive more results than demonstrated here? Is money the main the motivator or is there something else that would provide substantial better returns? : D
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    Jun 23 2013: So it would appear that the prospect of entering a competition is something like winning the lottery and so as such would seem to be pretty unattainable and therefore reflective of the interest shown here and perhaps therfore could I also conclude that the number of serious entries for the TED Prize would also be simarlarly effected!

    With a population of approximately 2 million members, I wonder about statistical breakdowns. That is to say, is it possible to ratify statistically, what is actually going on here.

    How many TED speakers are there in a year, how many post/interactors are there, how many watchers/readers/inactives otherwise are there and how many TED Prize entrants are there and from which segment of the TED group do they come from and in what percentage terms?

    The point of this whole line of questioning is to postulate, the ideal for actually creating a paradigm whereby world changing ideas can be actuated, instilled, created and formed! : D
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    Jun 17 2013: Not sure whether, this post is hard to find, or there are simply not enough community members who feel that they have an idea for submission to win the TED Prize ?

    I think the concept is brilliant in terms of trying to encourage ideas/concepts that will (positively) change the world.

    Another consideration, then also perhaps is that, others who also may have wanted to enter were like me simarly discouraged when they read the entrant criteria and so just simply didn't bother! (Sort of the reason I put this whole post up !)
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    Jun 13 2013: In philosophical terms, I wonder, given the general possiblity that a certain "TYPE" is most likely to win, at what cost/detriment to society at large does this scenario mean?

    Following the certain "TYPE" line of thought, does this then mean that a certain "TYPE"'s ideas are better than those that are not in such a category.

    There is a saying that success breeds success, is the "SAFE" formula then, being applied to the TED Prize Winners context then?

    What has history shown us with regard to innovation, technological advancement, growth and change. Have these by and large been done by following the "SAFE" path or thru luck, haphazardness, risk, adventure etc?

    The easy path may provide benefits, however does it necessarily follow that the more risky and harder path doesn't provide potentially even greater benefits.

    In this context, what would be the wiser investment for $1,000,000 ?

    This in itself is a multifaceted and layered consideration.

    To someone who already has millions of dollars, does an extra $1,000,000 really matter to them? Most likely not! In this context the monetary value is moot and so the reward is not for the financial benefit as other values come into play!

    To someone who has a world changing idea but no capital to invest into it, would $1,000,000 make a difference, of course it would!

    To someone who already has millions of dollars at their disposal and also likely are very well connected in terms of to people in high areas of influence, would winning the TED prize modify this scenario much? Likely not, as they probably already know the movers and the shakers and may even have been promoting their idea/belief already to them & society.

    Would the TED Prize winner who went from obscurity to centre stage benefit (their cause) by being put into the world spotlight? Would they be inclined to mention to Global media the source of their $1,000,000 win. Would the common man in the street identify? Would the TED community grow & enter more? : D
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      Jun 11 2013: Thanks for your thoughts, Lamar. I have read other posts of yours and remember that you have actually achieved some very good levels of success with your endeavours. Furthermore they probably would qualify you for a worthy entrant for the TED Prize, though it appears you are already walking the talk in your own right.
      So in this regard, perhaps the real world way of getting your idea out there could be by emulating how you have gone about doing things. Albeit every idea is going to have a whole raft of variables and as such, one size fits all approach probably won't cut it.

      However, I think you have hit a few of the keys to success criteria:

      1) How to promote your idea to a mass target market !

      Use a medium such as youtube

      2) Help people. Provide solutions to a problem

      3) Make it affordable and achievable

      4) Be motivated by passion not monetary compensation

      There is a television program which is called "Dragons Den" (I think) which basically has a group of angel investors who are pitched ideas and they either back them and invest in them or just say "No Thanks" + give some advice. Generally, though, it really needs to be almost a sure thing to really engage them as they want a good return on any investment they make, which is fair enough too.

      That said to trot around shopping your ideas for an angel investor can be hazardous too. The more people you divulge intellectual property to without having safeguards such as patents etc, the more risk there is of someone else doing the same thing before you have a chance to get to market. Even with protection, you can still lose out, especially when the other party has way more cash, connections and industrial productions already established.

      Clearly an organisation giving their money away is entitled to give it to whoever they like, though in my opinion, there would be a lot of stellar ideas that would never see the light of day due to lack of capitalisation, which $1,000,000 would go a long way to! : D