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To find out how many others have an idea worthy of consideration for the $1,000,000 TED ideas prize but don't fulfill the TED criteria!

I have a great idea for the how to change the world, here is a million dollars from the people at TED prize to go and do it! I started to read thru the required entrant pages and quickly realised that I soooo would not even get a look in based on the entrant criteria. Not only that, a look/review of previous winners, has as one, someone like BONO! OMG, how can ordinary folk even get a look in, especially when you have TED questions, such as what awards have you won etc. To me people like BONO have waaaay enough millions to kick start whatever they want!
As such, I wanted via this TED question post, to establish a rank and file repository of brilliant ideas/concepts/entrepeneurial opportunities, so that not only the TED people but any other philanthrapist/angel investor type/organisations can have an opportunity to perhaps invest in some alternatives. In big business, I got to tell you 1 million dollars ain't really that much.
So fellow activists, post away, my goal here is to tap into a whole area of brilliance and golden opportunity that would otherwise be overlooked. This is the classic needle in a haystack or diamond in the rough opportunity to make good on what you can bring to the fore, so make the most of it! :D



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    Jun 23 2013: So it would appear that the prospect of entering a competition is something like winning the lottery and so as such would seem to be pretty unattainable and therefore reflective of the interest shown here and perhaps therfore could I also conclude that the number of serious entries for the TED Prize would also be simarlarly effected!

    With a population of approximately 2 million members, I wonder about statistical breakdowns. That is to say, is it possible to ratify statistically, what is actually going on here.

    How many TED speakers are there in a year, how many post/interactors are there, how many watchers/readers/inactives otherwise are there and how many TED Prize entrants are there and from which segment of the TED group do they come from and in what percentage terms?

    The point of this whole line of questioning is to postulate, the ideal for actually creating a paradigm whereby world changing ideas can be actuated, instilled, created and formed! : D

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