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Prism program

The Guardian recently published a "Slide from secret PowerPoint presentation describes how (National Security Agency's) program (PRISM) collects data 'directly from the servers' of tech firms" such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and other internet giants.
The Guardian also metioned that NSA has direct access to metadata,photos, files, chat, and even VoIP and video calls.
However these major companies denied that they even know this program.

Which one do you believe; TheGuardian or the companies??

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    Jun 11 2013: the companies might have legal obligation to lie. just as an example, the patriot act gives the power to the government to search your house secretly, using a search warrant issued by a secret court. not only you have to comply, but the law forbids you to reveal the very fact that you have been searched, let alone any details of it. in effect, if you are asked directly whether you have been searched, you have to deny it. i don't know in detail what the heck is going on there, but if the legal background of prism is something similar, companies might be forced to actively deny such spying.
  • Jun 12 2013: The greatest scandal in American history. The government has gone into major spin mode to condition/brainwash the masses to believe Snowden is a traitor, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The government contradicts themselves so many times. One example is when they say Prism is a boring program, and its really nothing that needs attention. Oh really, then why all the screaming & hollering that Snowden just gave away state secrets and the real traitor, dianne feinstein getting on her soapbox and hollering for Snowden to be burned at the stake. That smacks of more lies. And its sickening how many corporations step up to throw all americans under the bus for a few dollars. Furthermore, its quite interesting & amusing how major corporations like facebook, microsoft, apple, google, all totally distanced themselves and claimed they knew nothing, (like Sgt. Shultze on Hogan's Heroes) and then the Guardian reveals they are all big fat liars too. Egg on their face big time. I think most knew zuckerberg, grandson to rockefeller, knew very well that facebook was a CIA front. Truly pathetic. Makes tricky dick nixon almost seem sane.
  • Jun 12 2013: I don't believe in believing. I keep an open mind on the subject because things are rarely as they seem when it comes to this kind of stuff. It's a pathetic thing however if all these companies went out of their way to lie and/or obfuscate. This is indicative of times in which the jury is in on gross national fraud like the Iraq war and no one goes down for it. When truth dies, you're in big trouble.
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    Jun 12 2013: hahahah The question assumes we believe the government.
  • Jun 11 2013: You don't have to believe either of them. BUT if the US government claims that Chinese hackers could hack into our government data bases, is it reasonable to say that our government could hack into Google, Verizon, etc. since it was already given access to the data on the # of calls, etc. in those communication media?
  • Jun 16 2013: ;Krisztian I am not sure what you mean. We are constantly being manipulated by so many groups. However, I fail to see someone confronted with or the admissability of most of this PRISM stuff. Look at all the data the BIg Three credit agencies have on us and so many other entities.
  • Jun 14 2013: About two or three years ago the administration acknowledged that the mission of the NSA includes monitoring all electronic communications in the USA. I believe that is exactly what the NSA has been doing. I believe that the government can access all electronic records in the USA, and probably many records outside the USA.

    I doubt very much that anyone will be able to curtail the monitoring. What might be achievable is to make the information available to the public. If the government, exclusively and "secretly", holds and controls this information, then it is a source of great power. If we all have that information, the governments power is much more limited. Also, if the information is legally obtained and available to the public, then the information can be used for police investigations and as evidence in the courts. With that much information available to the police, they should be able to do a much better job of fighting crime. If we really have no privacy, we might as well get some benefit from the situation.

    Big brother has been watching us for a while already.
  • Jun 13 2013: Krisztian That may well be so However, I don't believe Obama is a Sulla or Marius. Unfortunately, you may be right and that may come later, but I am less afraid of my country than some of the crazy business types.
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      • Jun 14 2013: I am not disagreeing, but there is so much that those people can find out already. Fortunately I aqm so boring they probably can't get anything. One of my friends who is a judge no longer does social media because another candidate did something on his. So there are bigger omnipresent problems.
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      Jun 14 2013: and that is exactly the core of the problem. the problem is not obama or w. the problem is american people not understanding why is it important. you have the best constitution on the globe, and you don't like it.
      • Jun 15 2013: Krisztiam - I am a lawyer and I do appreciate constitutional law, but the big problem in America is the manipulation of the publics' thoughts by special interest groups. With modern advertising, psychology, framing of issues, and language tricks it's easy to manipulate people. I guess it's always been like that; Albert Einstein wrote about how much we get from others and general semantics expert and NLP trainer Robert Anton WIlson has discussed manipulation and control in his fiction. I mean from Cialdini's writing to the best of NLP sales training we can see where this goes.
  • Jun 11 2013: A tree that falls in the forest and is not heard makes no sound. Is this really a problem? Or is it like Director Hoovers file that caused no one really any problems?
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      • Jun 12 2013: One can never be sure. How is this usable or even admissable? We have serious problems in this country - the wage structure has collapsed, we've outsourced the jobs, the states with substantial populations are broke,we've deindustrialized for some strange reasons, our health system is right up there with Slovakia, the federal government is acting strange, we don't know who is in the country, we won't control the borders, etc. Is PRISM a real problem when you want to get rid of our clean waater reserve and drill our federal oile reserves and our wars are disasters?
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          Jun 12 2013: centuries of freedom and wealth made you slow. isolation made you blind. all americans should visit some dictatorships for a few months, maybe they learn why this case is much more important than oil drilling ever will be.