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Prism program

The Guardian recently published a "Slide from secret PowerPoint presentation describes how (National Security Agency's) program (PRISM) collects data 'directly from the servers' of tech firms" such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and other internet giants.
The Guardian also metioned that NSA has direct access to metadata,photos, files, chat, and even VoIP and video calls.
However these major companies denied that they even know this program.

Which one do you believe; TheGuardian or the companies??


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  • Jun 12 2013: The greatest scandal in American history. The government has gone into major spin mode to condition/brainwash the masses to believe Snowden is a traitor, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The government contradicts themselves so many times. One example is when they say Prism is a boring program, and its really nothing that needs attention. Oh really, then why all the screaming & hollering that Snowden just gave away state secrets and the real traitor, dianne feinstein getting on her soapbox and hollering for Snowden to be burned at the stake. That smacks of more lies. And its sickening how many corporations step up to throw all americans under the bus for a few dollars. Furthermore, its quite interesting & amusing how major corporations like facebook, microsoft, apple, google, all totally distanced themselves and claimed they knew nothing, (like Sgt. Shultze on Hogan's Heroes) and then the Guardian reveals they are all big fat liars too. Egg on their face big time. I think most knew zuckerberg, grandson to rockefeller, knew very well that facebook was a CIA front. Truly pathetic. Makes tricky dick nixon almost seem sane.

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