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How do you turn a dream into reality?

The very first thing Martin Villeneuve says in his talk "How I Made an Impossible Film" is:
'I made a film that was impossible to make, but I didn't know it was impossible, that's how I was able to do it.'

TED is all about new ideas, different perspectives, change. We all have dreams - big ones, little ones. Our dreams may have been with us since we were kids, they may have developed later in life. To pursue a dream, you need to defy the norm, step outside your comfort zone, take risks.

Based on his own experience, Martin says that you need love in the form of support, generosity, and creativity to achieve a dream. A problem can be seen as an opportunity. If you don't have money to offer people who can help you realize your dream, then you need to spark their own creativity, offer them the freedom and space to dream. As a result, he says, "Life will dance with you in the most amazing way".

What is needed to make a dream come true? Is achieving a dream something you can do all by yourself?

Another related talk is Alex Day's "The Future of Music":


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  • Jun 14 2013: By Waking up nd making it happen

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