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What is keeping us from the first world to pool our excess resources to finally end poverty in the world?

We from the first world are wasting a lot of our resources most of the time when we selfishly lavish ourselves with excess luxuries when most people in third world countries don't even have clean drinking water to drink. Why are we not sharing as much as we could as a collective group?


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    Jun 18 2013: Well Noel the sad truth is that prosperous countries are not profitable to the free market and because wealthy capitalist countries like America run off of labor, production, and profit, it is better to have poor countries so that Wealthy corporations can use them for cheap labor. Countries like America create poverty and violence in other countries because it is good for our economy, when there is violence and war in other countries America has the ability to produce for war putting money in circulation and America can use the poverty stricken countries to do the production work for American corporations. Its a very terrible reality but the root of the problem comes from Capitalist economies and the influence of money itself.

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