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What is keeping us from the first world to pool our excess resources to finally end poverty in the world?

We from the first world are wasting a lot of our resources most of the time when we selfishly lavish ourselves with excess luxuries when most people in third world countries don't even have clean drinking water to drink. Why are we not sharing as much as we could as a collective group?

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    Jul 5 2013: It is simple. Power and greed.
    The True Qualities of the Ego
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    Jun 18 2013: Well Noel the sad truth is that prosperous countries are not profitable to the free market and because wealthy capitalist countries like America run off of labor, production, and profit, it is better to have poor countries so that Wealthy corporations can use them for cheap labor. Countries like America create poverty and violence in other countries because it is good for our economy, when there is violence and war in other countries America has the ability to produce for war putting money in circulation and America can use the poverty stricken countries to do the production work for American corporations. Its a very terrible reality but the root of the problem comes from Capitalist economies and the influence of money itself.
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    Jun 17 2013: .
    My answer:

    Money makes greed.
    Greed makes invalid (harmful) happiness.
    Then, invalid happiness "is keeping us from the first world to pool our excess resources to finally end poverty in the world"!
  • Jun 12 2013: There needs to be a visionary intermediary to create conduits between the haves and have nots in which the haves get to see their money at work in ways they can be sure aren't going down some corruption hole. I really think many with wealth would enjoy a different kind of investment.
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    Jun 11 2013: top it off with shockers like this going on Lisa Kristine: Photos that bear witness to modern slavery
    as for being poverty struck try all the children of earth fed into the nursery schools and coming out poverty struck when it comes having experienced life, let them follow up on their intrigue. . . getting schooled to where totally blinded to the nature of creation and how it works . . only, when humanity begins to practice the art and act of being, will work shrink to a tenth of the make work . . oft because we cannot stomach the thoughts which come to mind when in idle
    it not so much pooling resourcess. . . its the able bodied going when and where ever like lets have a global Katimavik happen . . let music be our medicine. it works better than any pill, in facts its saved people sanity , because at last, the voicess in our head still . tired of talk at seeing same old same old coming up time and again. . ADHD/ what do the video clips do to kids brains . yikes, we's getting zapped . . ,maybe the poverty struck are much sturdier than us and health wise, we are running a huge deficit . of seemingly ever more disEases , every earlier in life
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    Jun 11 2013: Like Time Traveller said, it would really take a collective effort.

    There are 44 Talks with the Tag poverty, and there are sure to be other tags that can be helpfun in understanding the multitude of the problem.
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      Jun 11 2013: This tags directly with your post about co-ordinating and categorising posts Jimmy, which I have adressed in a reply. It would be great if keyword matches with regard to the poverty question posited here were cross key word referenced to the 44 posts you (found) and mentioned now. THESE COULD THEN BE INCORPORATED HERE NOW AND AS SUCH INCLUDED AND THEREBY INCORPORATED INTO THIS PRESENT CURRENT AND RELEVANT DISCUSSION!
      By so doing, repitition would be minimised and subject material would be expanded upon! : D
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    Jun 11 2013: Really good question Noel!
    The answer, however is probably not so easy. I have sort of adressed it in some of my other posts but will add my thoughts here to contribute, ideally, to some positive answers and direction.
    I have noted too, that you are a Non profit consultant. Have you heard the TED talk by a very positive role model in the sector whose basic summised message was, forget overhead and operate like a big business(words to that effect)?
    Okay, part of the problem is identifying the problem. Not only that, there are so many disparite poverty places in the world, where do you start? Also there is a plethora of worthy charities to donate money to, where do you start?
    Which is more worthy and how can you determine that?
    In my view, for this to work, it needs FOCUS. It also needs a CENTRAL body/department to coordinate and facilitate the developed strategies.
    Realistically a plan needs to be developed and initiated via a collective of informed delegates from around the world acting as some form of Earth Council.
    The haves of the world, could pay some sort of tax that would feed directly to the beat world poverty plan. It would need to be vigorously implemented so that corruption and excessive administrative costs would be minimised.
    One strategy that I put forward while undertaking a Sustainable Engineering University module was via Engineers without Borders and Habitat for Humanity. The suggestion I submitted, was for Information Communication Technology, whereby computers with how to information was made available for impoverished communities in the Mekong Delta Region of Vietnam.
    This would effectively work anywhere on the planet and MIT some years back, I believe, had developed a robust, hand cranked laptop that could be used in developing countries.
    So what is stopping us. People need to have a referendum on the matter, so that democracies can voice their support and establish the foundation via their governments! :D