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Are libertarians blind to systems of central control that are less obvious than government?

Private property is a core value of libertarians. But does private property lead to a utopia of small landholders freely farming and trading?

Consider this: Whoever has land will use it to get more money, land, and political power leading to concentrations of wealth and power.


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    Jun 19 2013: How about a link to some Libertarian thought specific to YOU. Or maybe some Libertarian thought that you do NOT agree with. Either way, we will have a measure of exactly WHAT it is that you are talking about here and exactly WHAT your goal is with regard to why you started this conversation.

    Links to TED videos are important in a conversation like this. Also are links to outside web sites that you agree or disagree with. I am asking for the "Big Picture" here. And something from a third party (a link) can be very helpful in helping me and others to understand what issues you wish to explore.

    Furthermore, we want to participate in this conversation. For me, that is part of how I learn on TED. I learn things from people who are willing to post these conversations. My motivation is to learn more. How about you?

    I deeply appreciate Krisztian Pinter engaging with you, here, as he has. I thank him for that. He's a smart guy who has made a significant contribution to TED - and that number 200+ next to his name reflects that! I was so proud when I got 10+ TEDCRED! I achieved a goal! How clever of TED to arrange things that way.

    Also, I like Pat Gilbert, but he directed me to a rather lengthy video in an effort to educate me. Self-education is part of why I am here, so I took the bait. The video was well made and informative, but it was made by a guy who was into 'tax-evasion-as-a-political-statement.' The person responsible for the video had done time in prison for that. Not only did that put his authority outside the mainstream of political & economic thought, but it also put him outside the law. But Pat's OK

    People establish a presence on TED because they can & because they have a reason to be here. Some just want to learn something new (like me). Some have a set of ideas/ experiences that they just want to communicate or explore (That is also true for me. I had to sort that out for myself.)

    Why do you want to be here? Please share with us.
    • Jun 20 2013: I really do not have an agenda for this conversation. You are the second one to ask me that. I am interested in libertarianism because I don't like government and libertarians are the biggest government bashers. (besides anarchists maybe?) Why do I despise government? Because they make decisions for me, they spend my money on shitty projects, and bureaucrats are a bunch of elitist money whores.

      So I was thinking you know government is just a bunch of people in positions of power. What about other people in positions of power. Does concentrated wealth infringe on peoples liberties.? Would a free market allow great concentrations of wealth?

      Then I was thinking about the idea of land ownership. Everybody relies on the resources on our earth to survive. There is no frontier or free land anymore. Although the landowner has an incentive to make the land productive and thus providing peoples needs he does not have an incentive to sell to people that cannot afford to pay. So water that could be shipped to poor drought areas goes to places like Dubai maybe. Is this the best system.
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        Jun 20 2013: Thanks Brian, THAT makes sense to me! I'd hope that you could share more with us in terms of your insight and experiences that lead you to these conclusions. You might find an audience here at TED that agrees with you.

        But as a cautionary statement, you ALSO risk having to face a great deal of disagreement. You can be made to feel VERY uncomfortable here on TED if you make too big an investment in a debate that is supposed to be both rigorous and academic. So be careful. And good luck.

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