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How do you overcome a lapse in creativity?

All creators/artists have experienced this. You sit down to produce your idea or your product, and... nothing. Writer's block, drawer's block, it has many names, but how do you get past it? What are your rituals and methods?


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  • Jun 14 2013: Go to Nature !
    Train your eye to see beauty.
    Nature is the Creation against which all other creative efforts are measured.
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      Jul 5 2013: Creativity implies no effort.
      No effort implies Authenticity.
      Authenticity implies Honesty.
      Honesty leads to Integrity.
      Integrity leads to innocence.
      Innocence alone can perceive Beauty (thanks Natasha).
      This is true Meditation.
      Beauty is the Garment of the Divine, do not stop there, and do not try to capture it.
      It is YOU. To Admire is to not Desire. Desire (want) kills beauty. (takes you away from it, separates you from it)
      The moment you try to capture it, it disappears, like the light of the Firefly when caught in the palm of your hand, and you are left with Pain and Agony.
      Many artists have gone insane trying to capture Beauty.
      It is immaterial, the outer Garment of God, The Absolute.
      Being filled with Beauty, Being Beauty, you are in the presence of God, the Absolute.
      Beauty leads to Love. Love is the First manifestation of the Divine.
      Beauty is the Second.
      You may not be able to go further than Love.
      Be blessed to Live in Love.

      All else follows.

      The work of the artist is to find Beauty, and to express it in the medium of his talent.
      And to share it with others'
      Expressing beauty is hopeless, the medium of expression always falls short of replicating beauty.
      That is why true artists are tormented, and blessed at the same time.

      A true artist is a Child of God.
      He or she is not interested in profits, only in the conveying of beauty to others.
      A true artist is a humble person. Humility is the result of Beholding Greatness.
      • Jul 6 2013: Is it possible to convey beauty to others ?
        What is possible, i guess, it's ' recognition ' ( re cognise means to know again ).
        You look at the painting , watch the dance, read a piece of poetry ... you can recognise your own love/beauty experience, you know it's been there and this is what is left.
        Something like this ... :)

        Thanks for responding !
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          Jul 6 2013: Spasiba Natasha,

          Beauty as Art awakens the Quality of Beauty as Self.
          Because Beauty is seen through the Innocent Eyes, there is no judging, only Appreciation and wonderment.
          But to come to Beauty, Judgement must be suspended.
          Then we are in Awe.
          Life, Living is filled with Beauty.
          If we suspend Judgement.
          But the Great Judge is the Ego.
          Forever fault finding.
          Forever dissatisfied.

          Bless you.
      • Jul 8 2013: Spasibo, Johnny ! :)

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