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Turkish uprising and what the world knows about it...

Our ideas in action now in Turkey. Be inspired and support!
(For TEDsters who want to know what is going on in Turkey and might want to support their fellow earthlings who resist against an authoritarian, oppressive government who perceives everthing that by itself supports a healthy and peaceful planet as sources that should be transformed into money and a government that wants to oppress or make vanish everything, every culture, every worldview, every group that are not like them...)
What is defended here is our common universal values...
What people are standing up for is:
True democracy and human rights, the conservation of nature, the conservation of livable cities, freedom of expression, stopping authoritarianism, minority rights, women's rights, LGBTI rights, animal rights, a free media that is able to show the facts rather than what PM wants, a government that supports human rights instead of pure corporate interests, a government that doesn't lie to the people...

Some links (You can find wide coverage in the international mainstream media. So I am sharing some fieldwork here.):

A little VICE doc:
A student explaining why people are fighting:
A good video that shows the first week of the resistance and how it's progressed:
A video showing police violence and people's reactions:
A video from the fifth night. Marching peacefully is enough to get teargas canisters onto your head.
(You can follow people’s resistance in Twitter searching these hashtags: #occupyturkey #occupygezi #wearegezi)
(There are 4 deaths and many people are seriously injured because of extreme police violence.Some of them went blind,some of them hospitalized with fractured craniums.Police still continues to shoot teargas canisters directly to the protesters and to beat them while taking them into custody.)


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    Jul 1 2013: Are these events in Turkey a protest or a revolution? Or is it an uprising? It appears what you are seeking and stating the events are about is for an "Ideal" perfect condition/society and country. Really? And the plan is to achieve this by protest and riots? Yes, it is possible to achieve most of these things from your wishlist, but it is over time and with careful and intelligent process and lot of diplomacy and sacrifices. Above all this can only be achieved with cooperation, and focused large scale support with an actual solution on hand.

    No Country is perfect and often there is no unity amongst its people. A protest without a clear defined solution, unity or purpose is nothing but noise.

    From the various reports it only appears that there are different groups protesting with different agendas and as usual the only true result is mischief, destruction of public property and no clear solution to problems. Also each group protesting is different in their process. Some of them are violent and the forces cant tell the difference. And in such a situation any country will send in the forces to stop this and bring in civil order. It happens in every country and even in USA.

    So stop reaching out to other countries and people for support. Don’t make a mockery of your great country and history. Get your own heads to gather, propose an intelligent solution, gather support and make consistent gains towards progress. Not destruction. If you think the current govt is not the right one, ask yourselves if you have any better alternative? If not, work towards that. It is great to ask for democracy, but the greater question is can the people handle democracy as a unified nation?
    It is absolutely futile to point fingers, complain and just protest. If you really want change, ask yourself what are YOU doing about it? If you cannot device a solution or at least be a part of the solution, then stop protesting and get back to the drawing board
    • Jul 3 2013: "So stop reaching out to other countries and people for support. Don’t make a mockery of your great country and history."

      I believe that in our Global community, people have the right and should be informed about what is happening in other countries. Most of the times this information is one-sided.
      And I wonder what the world would be if countries or simple civilians didn't reach out for other countries or other people for support.
      But my biggest concern is what the world would look like if other countries did not interfere in one country's internal affairs...
      What would Cuba, Ecuador, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, Korea, Pakistan, Greece, Rodesia, ...... look like?
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        Jul 3 2013: I guess you missed my point. My comments were for the specific events in Turkey. The events in Turkey doesn’t have a unified or a focused face/purpose. It is all over the place where there are several groups with different agendas. It is not a revolution or like the "Arab Spring".

        With regards to how other countries that you have listed would have turned out without foreign interference? Mostly they may have turned out to become better I would say. Just like Tunisia, Egypt etc did, on their own efforts. Each country must learn to solve their internal problems with proper process unless in dire circumstances where external help is absolutely essential. Darfur, Rawanda etc.

        USA., UK or any of the other bigger nations solve their own internal problems without other countries involvement. In fact they do not want other meddling in their internal affairs. Other countries too have the same potential, but they need to first learn to exercise that. “Progress” is not an entitlement, it should be worked for and earned.

        But my point regarding Turkey was different meaning that the riots there is due to political indifferences against a govt. that has probably done more good for the country than otherwise. Also it appears there is no viable progressive candidate in opposition. There should be a valid, sound, and intelligent solution devised internally to solve the differences and progress towards a better government as opposed to turning it into an international propaganda as though it was revolution or an uprising like the case in Egypt. After all it all began with cutting down some trees which the court had stopped pending a decision. This cannot be called a revolution and doesn’t warrrant a political rally for international support.

        That’s just how I see it.

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