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Turkish uprising and what the world knows about it...

Our ideas in action now in Turkey. Be inspired and support!
(For TEDsters who want to know what is going on in Turkey and might want to support their fellow earthlings who resist against an authoritarian, oppressive government who perceives everthing that by itself supports a healthy and peaceful planet as sources that should be transformed into money and a government that wants to oppress or make vanish everything, every culture, every worldview, every group that are not like them...)
What is defended here is our common universal values...
What people are standing up for is:
True democracy and human rights, the conservation of nature, the conservation of livable cities, freedom of expression, stopping authoritarianism, minority rights, women's rights, LGBTI rights, animal rights, a free media that is able to show the facts rather than what PM wants, a government that supports human rights instead of pure corporate interests, a government that doesn't lie to the people...

Some links (You can find wide coverage in the international mainstream media. So I am sharing some fieldwork here.):

A little VICE doc:
A student explaining why people are fighting:
A good video that shows the first week of the resistance and how it's progressed:
A video showing police violence and people's reactions:
A video from the fifth night. Marching peacefully is enough to get teargas canisters onto your head.
(You can follow people’s resistance in Twitter searching these hashtags: #occupyturkey #occupygezi #wearegezi)
(There are 4 deaths and many people are seriously injured because of extreme police violence.Some of them went blind,some of them hospitalized with fractured craniums.Police still continues to shoot teargas canisters directly to the protesters and to beat them while taking them into custody.)


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    Jun 28 2013: A Digital Collection of Gezi Park Articles
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      Jun 30 2013: And why would it NOT be correct to state that the data you put up is far from a balanced/complete picture of the actuality and your data is just as selective (like you claim the Govts is) and just a blatant case of you, like the Govt pushing YOUR agenda.

      Btw what exactly is YOUR agenda?

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        Jul 1 2013: " the data you put up is far from a balanced/complete picture of the actuality"
        Can you show me your evidence that "my data" is far from a balanced/complete picture of the actuality? And if so, why would I share BBC's Q&A or the readlists with tons of links from different sources? Do you think that VICE has some secret interests in reflecting the incidents pro uprisers? (The first link I have shared in the introduction...)

        Do you think that exposing the human rights violations of the govt. that are barely covered by the media harms forming a satisfying picture of the reality? Would you prefer not to see those?
        Are you aware that what I share here is mostly content that the majority of the Turkish public can't reach because of the corruption of and the pressure on the media? Don't you think that it is very important that these things are exposed?

        Do you really understand what "the general population doesn't know what's happening and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know" means?
        My agenda is being able to live in a democratic environment where people are not oppressed because they are different than the type the PM wants to see, where every piece of nature is not sold...
        What exactly is your agenda with Chomsky on your profile pic but with a total anti-chomsky understanding of things?
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          Jul 1 2013: Suggest there are always other agendas at play besides yours and theirs!

          So you think/believe your 'Savior complex' is the salvation of the Turkish people?

          Suggest this is exactly the point and UNDERSTANDING of the 'whole', of the 'whole everything' on this planet.......

          "The general population doesn't know what's happening and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know"

          Like it or not ...............most people are sheeple and their lives are controlled and taken up by the basic needs to survive via food and shelter and in the Western world they have the 'luxury' of consumerism to keep the wheels of capitalism turning.

          Further suggest that to Govts/politicians of ALL persuasions the people/sheeple are just a commodity to utilize to keep them in power and they do their darnedest/despicable-st to stay in power ............................do your history.

          Suggest that my 'agenda' (if you want to call it that) with the Chomsky avatar line is to generate some thought/ponderings.

          Appears to be working............................ :)

          Suggest I fully understand that Chomsky 'line' but as for believing in any Chomsky ideology as being the silver bullet is another camp fire discussion, another time, under Orion.

          And you perchance are trying to stir peoples 'consciences' because you see yourself as a do good er , have a savior complex or just for the ego glory?

          The evolution of this planet has been a continuum of conflict and conquest and it ain't going to change anytime soon!

          Suggest in two generations after your death (unless you have perchance assassinated a President) your existence will have been lost in time.

          Suggest you make the most of your time here, because nobody else will do it for you!

          Found that the mortgage of real life cures youthful idealism quickly!

          Death is not an achievement!

          How's that for a pedaling out some one liners.................would Chomsky be proud of me? :)


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