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Turkish uprising and what the world knows about it...

Our ideas in action now in Turkey. Be inspired and support!
(For TEDsters who want to know what is going on in Turkey and might want to support their fellow earthlings who resist against an authoritarian, oppressive government who perceives everthing that by itself supports a healthy and peaceful planet as sources that should be transformed into money and a government that wants to oppress or make vanish everything, every culture, every worldview, every group that are not like them...)
What is defended here is our common universal values...
What people are standing up for is:
True democracy and human rights, the conservation of nature, the conservation of livable cities, freedom of expression, stopping authoritarianism, minority rights, women's rights, LGBTI rights, animal rights, a free media that is able to show the facts rather than what PM wants, a government that supports human rights instead of pure corporate interests, a government that doesn't lie to the people...

Some links (You can find wide coverage in the international mainstream media. So I am sharing some fieldwork here.):

A little VICE doc:
A student explaining why people are fighting:
A good video that shows the first week of the resistance and how it's progressed:
A video showing police violence and people's reactions:
A video from the fifth night. Marching peacefully is enough to get teargas canisters onto your head.
(You can follow people’s resistance in Twitter searching these hashtags: #occupyturkey #occupygezi #wearegezi)
(There are 4 deaths and many people are seriously injured because of extreme police violence.Some of them went blind,some of them hospitalized with fractured craniums.Police still continues to shoot teargas canisters directly to the protesters and to beat them while taking them into custody.)


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    Jun 25 2013: Turkey is always on my list of coolest places to visit. The wonderful people will prevail. Even though Erdogan's government was elected 3 times. They have no right to push agendas that clearly do not have broad support. The totalitarian response to the legitimate protests is a clear sign they have overstepped the bounds of their mandate. Does that sound familiar? It's clear that they are attempting to ride a "misperceived", or "manufactured" wave of "fundamentalist" sentiments by legislating stricter laws against alcohol. The destruction of one of the few remaining outdoor public spaces in Istanbul is a sign of the same fascist, crony corrupt attitude at work in major cities everywhere. Big developers, AKA banks will use any method necessary, mischaracterizing civil protests even inciting religious, or sectarian violence to acquire land to privatize, and exploit. That's been the tools of the trade of fascists for a long time. The fascists get their hands on the reigns by installing their pigeon, then they use the tools of incitement to make a scene, a smoke screen. That in turn provides an opportunity for more repression, and theft. What a scam huh? Save "secular" Turkey for all the world to share, not for corruption, divisiveness, and fundamentalist, fascist poison. Open space is essential to human development, and health of any city. Let in the light. Erdogan is finished. Fascism is at the core of it all, not just in turkey. It's at work everywhere. Don't ever forget that.
    • Jun 25 2013: Well said!!! Wish I could give you more than one thumbs up!
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      Jul 2 2013: So Peter........quote......."Turkey is always on my list of coolest places to visit."

      Curious ......Why? and the other places are and why?

      And as for ........" Fascism is at the core of it all, not just in turkey. It's at work everywhere. Don't ever forget that."

      Must be a sh*t load of fascists in the world then?

      Go ponder this Peter.................... under a 'true' democracy fascists have the right to exist.................. so does EVERY other ism or ideology.

      Last time I looked even the Muslim hardliners were using or at least attempting to introduce Sharia Law via democracy and then once Sharia Law became the order of the day, democracy as you and I know it, would no long exist.

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          Jul 2 2013: Well Peter ..........have to agree with you on a considerable number of points there.

          And accordingly Chomsky's line.......................

          "The general population doesn't know what's happening and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know"

          rings true!

          Further, I suggest it begs the point ..................."People get the Govt they deserve!"

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        Jul 5 2013: I'm sorry I didn't fully reply to the specifics of your question. The tendency in the digital age is to rely on short bleeps of sentences to explain highly complex issues. It's human nature for us to simplify our world, and a disciplined art to respond to this complexity in "Spock Like" precision.

        Turkey is well known to travelers of open mind, and experience as a friendly, and exciting place to be. Life in Turkey is like being in a time warp of the ancient, and the modern. Everywhere you look, the processes of human social transformation is like a kaleidoscope of wonderfulness. You're cruising in a high speed catamaran, one minute, then walking through the ancient Hagia Sophia 1500 year old cathedral turned mosque, then turned to a museum. Theres an old Irish saying, "You have the map of Ireland on your face". That goes for Turks as well. Everywhere you look the faces of the people reflect many thousands of years of Conquest, war, social struggle, religions, trade, learning, and all the amazing things that came to become modern Turkey. There are tens of thousands of obvious signs of Greek, Roman, Persian, Christian muslim, and even ancient animist archaeological sites. It's insanely cool unless one is brain dead : ) How can you not love people with a tradition that requires you to share a cup of tea out of hospitality and polite kindness to strangers?

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