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Turkish uprising and what the world knows about it...

Our ideas in action now in Turkey. Be inspired and support!
(For TEDsters who want to know what is going on in Turkey and might want to support their fellow earthlings who resist against an authoritarian, oppressive government who perceives everthing that by itself supports a healthy and peaceful planet as sources that should be transformed into money and a government that wants to oppress or make vanish everything, every culture, every worldview, every group that are not like them...)
What is defended here is our common universal values...
What people are standing up for is:
True democracy and human rights, the conservation of nature, the conservation of livable cities, freedom of expression, stopping authoritarianism, minority rights, women's rights, LGBTI rights, animal rights, a free media that is able to show the facts rather than what PM wants, a government that supports human rights instead of pure corporate interests, a government that doesn't lie to the people...

Some links (You can find wide coverage in the international mainstream media. So I am sharing some fieldwork here.):

A little VICE doc:
A student explaining why people are fighting:
A good video that shows the first week of the resistance and how it's progressed:
A video showing police violence and people's reactions:
A video from the fifth night. Marching peacefully is enough to get teargas canisters onto your head.
(You can follow people’s resistance in Twitter searching these hashtags: #occupyturkey #occupygezi #wearegezi)
(There are 4 deaths and many people are seriously injured because of extreme police violence.Some of them went blind,some of them hospitalized with fractured craniums.Police still continues to shoot teargas canisters directly to the protesters and to beat them while taking them into custody.)


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    Jun 16 2013: Where are the donation sites?
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        Jun 17 2013: Many thanks.

        Here is something you may wish to consider:

        These struggles may have their roots in macro economic issues, however, they are always expressed as neighbourhood actions.

        The question that always occurs to me is - what is the organising nucleus of these outbursts?
        The list of demands you have linked to is unfocussed and disjoint - as Theo mentions in this discussion - this is also the case with the US occupy movement .. no focus.

        And yet, there is an attractor around which the revolts form.

        Is it simply outrage?

        I'd say it is more fundamental than that - it is the cause of the outrage .. what actually is it?

        It is the violation of community.

        And as far as I can tell, community is a local thing .. a neighbourhood thing.

        The principle that should be observed is the respect of the neighbourhood - the default capacity for humans to form up into tribal cells.

        If any political or economic force violates the neighbourhood, it has the right to fight.

        And this is the principle that should be supported - regardless of any other rationale or excuse for the struggle.

        The primacy of the neighbourhood is the only issue. And that is the only thing needed to deserve our support.

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