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Turkish uprising and what the world knows about it...

Our ideas in action now in Turkey. Be inspired and support!
(For TEDsters who want to know what is going on in Turkey and might want to support their fellow earthlings who resist against an authoritarian, oppressive government who perceives everthing that by itself supports a healthy and peaceful planet as sources that should be transformed into money and a government that wants to oppress or make vanish everything, every culture, every worldview, every group that are not like them...)
What is defended here is our common universal values...
What people are standing up for is:
True democracy and human rights, the conservation of nature, the conservation of livable cities, freedom of expression, stopping authoritarianism, minority rights, women's rights, LGBTI rights, animal rights, a free media that is able to show the facts rather than what PM wants, a government that supports human rights instead of pure corporate interests, a government that doesn't lie to the people...

Some links (You can find wide coverage in the international mainstream media. So I am sharing some fieldwork here.):

A little VICE doc:
A student explaining why people are fighting:
A good video that shows the first week of the resistance and how it's progressed:
A video showing police violence and people's reactions:
A video from the fifth night. Marching peacefully is enough to get teargas canisters onto your head.
(You can follow people’s resistance in Twitter searching these hashtags: #occupyturkey #occupygezi #wearegezi)
(There are 4 deaths and many people are seriously injured because of extreme police violence.Some of them went blind,some of them hospitalized with fractured craniums.Police still continues to shoot teargas canisters directly to the protesters and to beat them while taking them into custody.)


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    Jun 14 2013: Syria's up rising and what the people know about it= there are 95,000 dead.

    Turkey does not have an uprising, it merely hase protests.

    the bank's


    The "Green" element

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      Jun 14 2013: I haven't looked at the links you shared yet but I can easily say that naming a social reaction considering only the death toll is not meaningful. It's a more complicated phenamenon than that. And for this occasion it is clear that what happens here is not just a protest...
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        Jun 14 2013: The truth is that the majority of the people support Erdogan. His Justice and Development Party received 21.3 million votes among 42million vote case in the last election. This was more than double the number of votes received by the Republican Peoples Party.

        "Analysts say the protests don't present a threat to Erdogan's tenure, but threaten his legacy. Some say he has ambitions to enter the history books as a contemporary answer to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founding father of modern Turkey."

        Erdogan has reiterated his support for Turkey's secular democracy. This will end soon just like the Occupy Wall St. movement did.
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          Jun 16 2013: Theo - you would know the truth if you let yourself.

          As it stands You know nothing.

          You fool - you think Occupy is finished?

          It's only just starting.

          You will look around tomorrow and you will change your mind .

          And do not foul the name of Ataturk - you have no idea.
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      Jun 16 2013: Which Syrian did you ask about this?

      What did he/she say?
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        Jun 16 2013: How do you know about Occupy Wall St?
        The general assembly of OWS could not order coffee without major disagreements.
        I aw this first hand.

        I really hope you are wrong about all this because if it comes to that it will be the French Revolution all over again. Those people are not any better than the current lot.
        In the end, lt turns out like some rich banker said, "Buy when there is blood in the streets"
        And it all returns to the same old same old. We are human after all.
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          Jun 16 2013: That is the risk - things are looking so close to those events.

          Here is David Harvey in Ankara 12 months ago .. seems fairly accurate.

          I find all this stuff somewhat terrifying and inevitable.

          From my perspective it is an entropy issue.

          I know it is coming my way soon .. and all I can think is to keep blood off my hands no matter what .. but to speak none the less.

          Because blood says what words cannot.

          With Occupy, my involvement was via anonymous contacts .. and occupy has not stopped - it has simply spread-out along the supply lines of those who pepper-sprayed it out of the streets.

          The entropy question is paramount - there seems a limit to the acceleration it can sustain.
          The economic model of the west relies on the acceleration of entropy - we call it "consumption" but it has manifested in population growth.

          All of this unrest originates in the entropic limit - we bump into it, have a revolution or a war, press the limit back a bit, and press on - the limits are reached in every shortening crisis cycles and will do so until we cease the acceleration of entropy.

          It is the nature of money to accelerate entropy - it becomes the surrogate of life but is not real - it is not constrained to reality and urges us to worship the survival of the supremest - not the fittest as Darwin discovered, but the extremist excess of dominance and the aggregation of advantage for advantage sake.
          The survival of the extremist demands that only one will be left standing - not any species .. one single individual. And that individual is money.
          It is the only entity that demands supremacy.

          While ever we are locked at the altar of mammon and work for money in things called Jobs, the entropy will have its way and there will be blood all over the planet long before runaway warming fries it all.
          So I applaud the protesters - they are the only voices standing out - no matter how fragmented .. the coming desperation will unite them in war.
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        Jun 18 2013: Why would any Syrians understand what is happening to them?
        How are they informed and by whom?
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          Jun 18 2013: My friend says: "When elephants fight, the grass is trampled".

          Information travels by virtue of the design of the social animal.

          But really .. when the dynamics of desperation are triggered, does it matter what triggered the conflagration?

          The trigger itself will be responding to desperation elsewhere.

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