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Discussing the fundamental nature of Katz presentation and the validity of the claims he makes in the video.

He makes claims in this video that are false.
His statement and focus on men ignores the fundamental question why do some people abuse other people.
Non-feminist oriented studies made says that women abuse there male partners physically and emotionally to the same degree as men do their female partners and according to some studies even more.
Also there is more spousal abuse in female homosexual relationships than in male homosexual relationships. If the problem is men why do homosexual women hit their spouses more?

What he is doing and talking about makes it harder to help people because what he speaks of is fundamentally false. Perhaps some in the audience work in healthcare system. A woman comes in and has signs of abuse. Shes there with a woman. The nurse/doctor given the myths reinforced by this talk will not think that the woman sitting there with their patient might be the one that psychically abused her.

Also when it comes to sexual abuse etc. at least 20% of the perpetrators of sexual abuse of children are female. Young boys taken advantage of by older women are not seen as victims of abuse but a lot of them suffer psychological effects that lead them to violence and drug abuse.
When college students were asked about if they had sex even if they didnt want to a lot more men than women said they had had sex even if they didn't want to.

When it comes to his "By stander approach", it has not been scientifically evaluated. He has no factual backing if it works. There is no comparatives studies made at all with regards to any of his methods. He has just made the methods up from what I can tell. Hes a good salesman so people buy into the feminism inspired male bashing.

Essentially the video and the presenter lies and/or is totally uninformed with regards to the research that exists, the statistics that are available.

If men are the problem why do women do the same thing? Perhaps its not a sex issue, perhaps god forbid its something else entirely


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  • Jun 19 2013: "Essentially the video and the presenter lies and/or is totally uninformed with regards to the research that exists, the statistics that are available. If men are the problem why do women do the same thing?"

    No, women CAN'T do the same kind of battering as men. Men generally out weigh and certainly out muscle women. That makes a very BIG difference.

    I wonder Mr. N are you a misogynist? I say this because you seem to be using the word feminist as a negative. Why? Feminism simply means political, social, and economic EQUALITY to men. Therefore, those "feminist" studies would have already taken into account female on female battering as well as female on male battering. Criminal records and police statistics don't support your position that female on male abuse is to the same degree as male on female abuse; indeed, the records support the contrary. Additionally, abuse center statistics show that females who are chronically abused by male significant-others tend to stay in those relationships until desperate, and if the female victims try to defend themselves physically, their male abusers quickly turn the legal tables on those females. There are many studies that track the modus operandi of male on female abuse, and such studies are chilling.

    As for your comment that older women are taking advantage of young boys, I am receiving the message that you abhor the idea of older woman DATING younger men. Me thinks you strongly believe in patriarchy. Additionally, rape of boys by older females is rare, and is mostly a legal technicality due to the minor status of the boy as no violence is inflicted. Rape of boys by MALES, however, is violent, significant and very troubling. To be sure, rape is a violent act, and rape of females by men is rampant in the third world, and is growing here in the US.

    Finally, why are you conflating child abuse with spousal abuse? To be sure, your conflation diminishes the seriousness of both issues.
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