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Discussing the fundamental nature of Katz presentation and the validity of the claims he makes in the video.

He makes claims in this video that are false.
His statement and focus on men ignores the fundamental question why do some people abuse other people.
Non-feminist oriented studies made says that women abuse there male partners physically and emotionally to the same degree as men do their female partners and according to some studies even more.
Also there is more spousal abuse in female homosexual relationships than in male homosexual relationships. If the problem is men why do homosexual women hit their spouses more?

What he is doing and talking about makes it harder to help people because what he speaks of is fundamentally false. Perhaps some in the audience work in healthcare system. A woman comes in and has signs of abuse. Shes there with a woman. The nurse/doctor given the myths reinforced by this talk will not think that the woman sitting there with their patient might be the one that psychically abused her.

Also when it comes to sexual abuse etc. at least 20% of the perpetrators of sexual abuse of children are female. Young boys taken advantage of by older women are not seen as victims of abuse but a lot of them suffer psychological effects that lead them to violence and drug abuse.
When college students were asked about if they had sex even if they didnt want to a lot more men than women said they had had sex even if they didn't want to.

When it comes to his "By stander approach", it has not been scientifically evaluated. He has no factual backing if it works. There is no comparatives studies made at all with regards to any of his methods. He has just made the methods up from what I can tell. Hes a good salesman so people buy into the feminism inspired male bashing.

Essentially the video and the presenter lies and/or is totally uninformed with regards to the research that exists, the statistics that are available.

If men are the problem why do women do the same thing? Perhaps its not a sex issue, perhaps god forbid its something else entirely


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  • Jun 11 2013: It's important to know that women have been abused and stereotyped for years. Katz is not trying to pin point all causes of violence, he is specifically talking about domestic violence and sexual abuse. He's trying to change our pespective to think of these issues as a men's issue because it is a reality that men have an advantage over women in many cultures. Personally, this issue is a social problem that involves everyone, if women have no respect for themselves and men have no respect for women, and if we're not willing to help those children who are abused and grow up to be abusers, or if we keep pointing finger and critizicing without providing a serious alternative, then violence against women, men, and children will never be abolished. It needs to be abolished socially, in a general sense, all violence would need to be abolished then, including war.

    He is providing an alternative not a solution to the end of all violence because that would require a worldwide massive political and social change on how we've been handling our lives, private and public, and our countries. How we've raised our kids and how we've been raised.
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      Jun 11 2013: Well said Deborah, and I think a worldwide change would be GREAT! Violence and abuse is a global issue that can be addressed by all of us. Rather than fighting against change, as some do, it would be good to be part of the solution. Every journey begins with a single step, and one of the first steps is awareness.
      • Jun 12 2013: What Katz is trying to do is bring awareness, and it is true that we are asking the wrong questions, that men are not advocates for the fight against abuse. It's also true that violence is universal surpassing all groups - economic, social, gender. But he is starting, he describes the problem as a leadership problem, and behind leadership there are many different characteristics to take into consideration, how you were raised, self-esteem, life experiences, internal resources, so many different things.

        But I totally appreciate him speaking up about something that is happening everywhere and affects us privately and publicly. The numbers are huge, and those are just the numbers that we know, estimates, but what's the reality? How many women in the world are suffering abuse? Children?

        We all need to help. It is our responsability. We owe that much to the World and to Us.

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