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Is it reasonable to teach Intelligent Design in physics or statistic classes to seniors in high school?

The purpose of permitting ID to be taught to seniors should be to attempt to find a well-reasoned explanation for intelligent life. What is necessary to permit ID to be discussed “legally”(separating church and state) in the class room is to divorce ID from any religious affiliation e.g. the Bible.

For our universe to originate by chance is about on a par with winning the Power Ball lottery a 1000 times in a row without ever buying a losing ticket! When you factor in all the conditions necessary for intelligent life to exist, it appears the universe is “fine-tuned” to support life e.g. if the force of gravity is off by one part in 10^36 in the range of all forces (the most powerful is the strong force), life does not exist. If the mass of a proton is off a tiny amount only blue giant stars can form; they can't support life.

The scientific explanation for our universe is that there are an infinite number of universes and this one originated by chance. Since we cannot observe, measure or replicate extra universes is this any more reasonable than ID?

Humanity is a pioneer in this universe; after the “Big Bang” 13.8 billion years ago, it takes a first generation star to explode to make heavy elements and a second generation star like our sun to corral those elements to support life on a planet. It takes 3.8 billion years to get from life to intelligent life.

We will be billions of years more evolved than civilizations growing up around third generation stars. By the time our sun becomes a red giant, we can take the moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus (for raw materials) and go into orbit around Jupiter; we will then extract hygrogen from Jupiter for fusion energy that will serve us until the universe ends.


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    Jun 22 2013: Brendon
    I am sorry, but I am not sure I have said that ID was a theory. I did say it was a plausible alternative to the evolution of the universe. Currently, the evolution of the universe is attributed to natural causes affected by known effects such as gravity.

    All I have said it could be taught or not. And it would be a great topic for a debate.

    I am not going to make more out of it then what it is. Now, if you were to ask if I thought there could be a plan on how this universe came together, I would say, " I could believe that"
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      Jun 23 2013: Yes, it's a great topic for a debate. If you're talking about intelligent design, in most cases people try and talk about intelligent design as creationism but with a sugar coated name and I thought that's where you were going with it. And yeah I agree it's a plausible alternative in the way that you put it. There's still nothing that we're 100% sure of started the big bang, and all suggestions are welcome.

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