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What really separates opinion from fact?

Some opinions are more informed than others. Some facts are more specific than others. We can misinterpret a fact, and come to a different opinion from what the fact was trying to state or show. Is it still a fact that I know even if I misinterpret it? And can any opinion be completely separated from all facts?
Are facts and opinions completely different from one another?
And are your answers to these questions based on fact or opinion?
How do you know that what you think is fact isn't just your own biased and limited opinion?


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    Jun 8 2013: A Fact reflects reality, an Opinion reflects your perspective. (May be wrong!)
    • Jun 8 2013: But don't we call something a fact because of our perspective of reality?
      • Jun 11 2013: But then you are mistaking the fact for your interpretation of the fact.
        • Jun 11 2013: But don't you have to interpret something as a fact in order to call it a fact?
          What separates interpretation from fact?
      • Jun 12 2013: Nope.
        Facts are those things that are. Interpretation is what happens after we perceive those facts and try and make sense of them, categorize them, whatever.
        • Jun 12 2013: Ok, so then facts are not categorized, and don't make sense? Because that's what it would mean by that definition of "interpretation". Isn't calling something a fact categorizing it as a fact? And we made sense of it being a fact?
      • Jun 12 2013: I did not say that facts are not categorized. I did not say that they make no sense. As I said above, I suspect that you don't care about understanding the answers. You seem to care only about continuing the discussion. It's not a fact, but misunderstanding something this short and simple seems rather extreme.

        • Jun 14 2013: I want an answer, but the thing is, is you're giving me circular reasoning. That facts are facts. Can you define a fact without using "fact"? Or define an opinion without "opinion"?

          Read the third comic down.

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