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What are some of the interesting ideas for an online website that have not been yet explored?

Hey guys!
So I have been thinking about this a lot lately. We live in a world surrounded with technology - some good and some bad. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Ebay, Yahoo etc. to name a few. I was wondering if there were any other ideas that were "out of the box" that would be different to the networking sites mentioned above. I am a person who wants to become a entrepreneur. This is also the main reason why I am starting to think about creating my own business at such an early age. Hopefully everybody can chuck in ideas/suggestions that you have. Who knows? Ten years from now, this might be the birth of a new networking site/business.


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      Jun 8 2013: Hi LaMar,
      What you have expressed is a great idea but then the problem with this is that the cost of such a site is too high. Identifying and classifying such great species is immense and world tours would need to be done to find them all. I would have certainly considered something like that if I had more budget. I am a young adult who is still just starting to save up. But nevertheless, it's a good idea.

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