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What are some of the interesting ideas for an online website that have not been yet explored?

Hey guys!
So I have been thinking about this a lot lately. We live in a world surrounded with technology - some good and some bad. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Ebay, Yahoo etc. to name a few. I was wondering if there were any other ideas that were "out of the box" that would be different to the networking sites mentioned above. I am a person who wants to become a entrepreneur. This is also the main reason why I am starting to think about creating my own business at such an early age. Hopefully everybody can chuck in ideas/suggestions that you have. Who knows? Ten years from now, this might be the birth of a new networking site/business.


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    Jun 7 2013: You might approach this challenge by considering the issues that interest you or people you know and then searching for whether websites that meet this need exist and serve their niches well.

    There is a Coursera course called the Design of Artifacts in Society, but also a book by that title that might cost a dollar to download, written by a professor and inventor at the Wharton School of Business at Penn, that walks through how to come up with an innovative product, where products can be manufactured items or apps or websites.

    You might find this book or course interesting.

    I notice also that if you do an internet search for "website ideas" you will get numerous sites that gather ideas for new websites.
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      Jun 8 2013: Hi Fritzie,
      Yup you are certainly right about searching for websites that didn't exist. Actually I had given that a try myself but the problem was all the ideas were kinda incorporated around the major websites we use today. It was really hard to find any new inspiration of the web. The problem with coming up with a website that could be similar to facebook is like coming up with google plus. Most people thought everybody will migrate to google plus once its release and me personally haven't even visited the google plus homepage which was automatically created for me. It won't be popular. When Zuckerberg came out with his idea, it was something that the world hadn't seen before. That is what made Facebook work and that is what I am hoping to do but then the biggest problem is that I don't know what will work with the present day people or what they want.

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