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What are some of the interesting ideas for an online website that have not been yet explored?

Hey guys!
So I have been thinking about this a lot lately. We live in a world surrounded with technology - some good and some bad. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Ebay, Yahoo etc. to name a few. I was wondering if there were any other ideas that were "out of the box" that would be different to the networking sites mentioned above. I am a person who wants to become a entrepreneur. This is also the main reason why I am starting to think about creating my own business at such an early age. Hopefully everybody can chuck in ideas/suggestions that you have. Who knows? Ten years from now, this might be the birth of a new networking site/business.

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      Jun 8 2013: Hi LaMar,
      What you have expressed is a great idea but then the problem with this is that the cost of such a site is too high. Identifying and classifying such great species is immense and world tours would need to be done to find them all. I would have certainly considered something like that if I had more budget. I am a young adult who is still just starting to save up. But nevertheless, it's a good idea.
  • Jun 7 2013: When I am trying to think outside the box I start by finding the edges (current restrictions). So my first thoughts are computers only allow a small amount of senses to interact with the web and if you could somehow get more of the bodies senses to interact it would be something new
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    Jun 7 2013: You might approach this challenge by considering the issues that interest you or people you know and then searching for whether websites that meet this need exist and serve their niches well.

    There is a Coursera course called the Design of Artifacts in Society, but also a book by that title that might cost a dollar to download, written by a professor and inventor at the Wharton School of Business at Penn, that walks through how to come up with an innovative product, where products can be manufactured items or apps or websites.

    You might find this book or course interesting.

    I notice also that if you do an internet search for "website ideas" you will get numerous sites that gather ideas for new websites.
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      Jun 8 2013: Hi Fritzie,
      Yup you are certainly right about searching for websites that didn't exist. Actually I had given that a try myself but the problem was all the ideas were kinda incorporated around the major websites we use today. It was really hard to find any new inspiration of the web. The problem with coming up with a website that could be similar to facebook is like coming up with google plus. Most people thought everybody will migrate to google plus once its release and me personally haven't even visited the google plus homepage which was automatically created for me. It won't be popular. When Zuckerberg came out with his idea, it was something that the world hadn't seen before. That is what made Facebook work and that is what I am hoping to do but then the biggest problem is that I don't know what will work with the present day people or what they want.
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      Jun 8 2013: Hi once again!
      I really like your idea once more but the restriction with such a site is that it can only be done in a local level and not a national or an international level. If you were to do it in an international level, you would have to look at all the cemeteries in the world which I don't think will be an easy task and in the same way the budget needs to be sky high for such a project. My idea is to come up with something similar to Facebook which can be set up easily (Well not easily) for people to interact with each other. Twitter was a great idea! So was Youtube but maybe not stuff like Google+ cause it was something similar to Facebook so it didn't go down too well. My dream is to come up with something that is new and allows people all over the world to socialise with and I understand finding an inspiration is one of the biggest problems here.
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    Jun 7 2013: Technology is such a major part of society now that your question is certainly worth creative thought. You mentioned Facebook as a networking web site that is popular - in regards to making networking technology in a sense more "out of the box", I think it would be awesome to incorporate the idea that the Ted conversations "Ideas Worth Spreading" has explored onto the platform of Facebook. The placement of an interesting and valuable debate section, such as the various other applications this site has added since the start of business, would provide Facebook users with a more formidable and perhaps meaningful path of expression. Best of luck in creating your own business - I love invention and creativity. Definitely consider "necessity is the mother of invention" while you explore ideas for your business: what do you think the environment, the people that you know or the world as a whole, is most in need of at this current time? Also, don't limit the thought process of "need" to the typical definition, i.e., do consider what may be supportive of say the morale of humanity versus an entreprenual desire.
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      Jun 8 2013: Hi KendI,
      I absolutely agree with you! The only problem is that I am new to TED, so I haven't actually seen much of the videos and ideas displayed here. Were you thinking about any conversations in particular?
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    Jun 7 2013: That's a tough one, Garry, gee, the thing is so vast that it's hard to think of any. I remember hearing a fellow from the Los Angeles Public Works Department being interviewed on the radio, and the host asked him, "Is there anything that people don't know about your job?," and the guy had an interesting answer. Maybe you could do a website Things You Don't Know That You Should.
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      Jun 8 2013: Hi Greg,
      If I may - it's actually harder than my economics essay this topic. I like your idea but then would you think that such a website would seem a bit amateurish? I seemed to have recalled seeing a similar website but then it wasn't hugely popular because it didn't get much people to socialise. There wasn't anything they wanted from it.
      But I certainly think you have hit something just that there might be another way to develop that idea.
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    Jun 8 2013: I want to be a millionaire to make a difference. I don't want the money for me and my family, I want to give it to the people less fortunate than me.
    I think I want to create an app too for my site :)
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        Jun 8 2013: Hi ZX Style,
        I am not on the track to saving up and making a lot of money for me. I want to use the profit I get to help to make a difference. My plan is to donate as much as I can to the gatesfoundation.org

        And I do not live in India, I live in Australia but thank you for the suggestion. And my passion is computers, I am planning to start on my degree in IT :)
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    Jun 8 2013: You want to be a millionaire eh? :D

    Make some revolutionary app bro. Cuz by 2018 >half population of planet earth will own a smart phone and that's a lor of smartphones! (Android/iOS)